Amazon Mocks Catholic Faith With Offensive Halloween Costumes



Amazon is selling Halloween costume sets that are directly targeted to offend Christians and mock religion!

One of the costumes, offensively called “Keep up the Faith,” portrays a priest in a state of sexual excitement; the other, whose name is self-explanatory, is called “Pregnant Nun.”

Sellers have removed items that offend Native Indians, Muslims and ‘transgenders!’ And yet, they seem absolutely unconcerned about deliberately mocking Christians!

Please sign our petition, letting Amazon know that we will not stand for Christian bashing.

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To Amazon:

I am appalled at the anti-Catholic Halloween costumes "Keep up the Faith," and "Pregnant Nun."

These are a direct attack against the Catholic Faith and decency, and mock those that have given themselves to the service of the Church.

I urge you to remove these offensive products at once. Stop bashing religion!