Explaining the Hatred that Burned Down the Churches in Chile

In our secularized age, direct satanic hatred against religion is not frequently manifested. Hatred of God is usually disguised as cold secularism or pretentious indifference. Such attitudes seem to be more in keeping with postmodernity. … Continue reading

Faithful Resistance to Pope Francis’s Call for Civil Union Laws

Catholics have long extended the benefit of the doubt to Pope Francis when he frequently veers off the path of orthodoxy. With his latest statement regarding same-sex civil unions, there are no benefits in entertaining … Continue reading

17 Reasons Why the Left Hates the Catholic Faith

As leftist activism and violence increase, Americans must understand that the leftist agenda represents not just a political movement but a worldview contrary to that of the Catholic Faith. Wherever the left has dominated, a … Continue reading

Explaining Colin Kaepernick’s New Communist Endgame

Back in 2016, Quarterback Colin Kaepernick offended the nation when he knelt on one knee during the playing of the National Anthem before a football game. His protest “against police brutality” changed the National Football … Continue reading

Pope Francis’s New Ostpolitik with Communist China Is Just Like the Old One

In September 2018, the Vatican and Communist China signed a landmark agreement, in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agreed to recognize the Catholic Church as a legal entity in China. In exchange, the Vatican … Continue reading

Three Moral Reasons Why Economics Will Not Save Us

When the economy goes down, monetary theories start circulating. Since most people dislike austerity, today’s most popular theory is spending the nation out of its crisis. The popularity makes sense in a world where no … Continue reading

The Dirtying of Our Children’s Minds with Indecent Sex Ed

Comprehensive is a trendy word in American education. Merriam-Webster lists two definitions, “1: covering completely or broadly: inclusive,” and “2: having or exhibiting wide mental grasp.” All parents want their children to have a comprehensive … Continue reading

Understanding the Social Function of Private Property

Free enterprise and private property have some rather strange supporters around the world. While professing to be ardent anticommunists, these supporters always advocate some restrictions on private property or free enterprise when proposing solutions for … Continue reading

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