This is How Higher Education Went Mad

“If you were to examine any speech made by a university president fifty years ago, you would find that the word ‘excellence’ occurs with great frequency…. If you made the same examination now, you’d find … Continue reading

How TED Talks Offer Post-Modern Madness

Almost anyone in academia or business administration has seen a “TED Talk.” These are five to twenty-five-minute lectures first given at TED events. The presentations are then available on YouTube. The Power of TED The … Continue reading

Do We Need More Government or Less in Coronavirus Fight?

Does America need more government or less during the Coronavirus crisis? In the face of the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, it is an awkward question. Without quick action, people could lose their homes. Healthy … Continue reading

“Come to Me All You Who are Weary!”

I witnessed a gut-wrenching scene when I recently entered an adoration chapel in North Carolina. Like the rest of the country, there were no Masses anywhere. Thus, this chapel served as a place for local … Continue reading

In Face of Coronaphobia We Need to Recognize, “Jesus is My King”

The fear of the coronavirus has created a climate of frenetic intemperance that is causing much anxiety and agitation. In times of crisis like these, calm is a very important virtue. I witnessed this need … Continue reading

How the Despair of Humanism Leads to Climate Doom

Those who sincerely believe in “anthropogenic” (formerly manmade) climate change are a hard bunch to understand. This excludes those who cynically use environmentalism to promote an overall leftist agenda or to sell books and turn … Continue reading

If I Die, I’m Going to Hell

As the coronavirus spreads across the nation, officials are taking measures to ensure the health of the body. Sadly, the health of souls is brutally neglected. A recent message on Twitter brings home just how … Continue reading

Are Progressive Prosecutors the Enemies of Public Safety?

In November, most Americans will go to their polling places. Most will have decided which candidates they will vote for president, governor, senator and legislator. However, very few will have informed opinions about the district … Continue reading

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