Pope Francis’s New Ostpolitik with Communist China Is Just Like the Old One

In September 2018, the Vatican and Communist China signed a landmark agreement, in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agreed to recognize the Catholic Church as a legal entity in China. In exchange, the Vatican … Continue reading

Three Moral Reasons Why Economics Will Not Save Us

When the economy goes down, monetary theories start circulating. Since most people dislike austerity, today’s most popular theory is spending the nation out of its crisis. The popularity makes sense in a world where no … Continue reading

The Dirtying of Our Children’s Minds with Indecent Sex Ed

Comprehensive is a trendy word in American education. Merriam-Webster lists two definitions, “1: covering completely or broadly: inclusive,” and “2: having or exhibiting wide mental grasp.” All parents want their children to have a comprehensive … Continue reading

Understanding the Social Function of Private Property

Free enterprise and private property have some rather strange supporters around the world. While professing to be ardent anticommunists, these supporters always advocate some restrictions on private property or free enterprise when proposing solutions for … Continue reading

Pope Francis’s Nightmare of a World Without Borders

Pope Francis’s third encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, predictably deals with the plight of the migrant. This theme has characterized his pontificate, as he never loses an opportunity to take it up. Not all share his enthusiasm; … Continue reading

Tremendous Victory: Notre Dame Cathedral Will Be Exactly Restored

Seeing the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris ablaze shocked many people, regardless of the depth of their religious sense. As the long day dragged into the night of April 15, 2019, news cameras of … Continue reading

Is This the End of our Cruise Ship Economy?

Reflecting on America’s present state, I could not help but think of a metaphor that I had used some years ago in my book, Return to Order.  I had likened the economy to that of … Continue reading

I’m Catholic. Can I Disagree With Pope Francis on Property?

Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti presents a dilemma for all who defend the right of private property. On the one hand, the teaching document Pope Francis signed on October 3 questions this right. On the … Continue reading

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