Three Surprising Reasons Why Democrats Avoid Religion

Looking over the political landscape, many point to the decline in religious practice as the handwriting on the wall that the political future belongs to the unchurched, atheists and agnostics. Liberals conclude it is only … Continue reading

The Disappearance of Propriety Led to the Epstein Scandal

The media are all in an uproar about the scandals surrounding the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the New York financier charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy. His alleged crimes rival those attributed to disgraced Hollywood … Continue reading

Liberate Us From the Libra: Facebook’s Assault on the Dollar

As Facebook faces growing criticism for bias and privacy issues, it is moving ahead with a massive new project. The giant tech firm is putting together a consortium to launch a cryptocurrency. Everything about the … Continue reading

Why It’s Time to Get Out of the Public Education System

Conservatives in the United States have long considered public schools as little more than liberal indoctrination camps. As the country rapidly secularized in the aftermath of the sixties, schools echoed the gathering rebellion against order, … Continue reading

Can the Public Square Be Value-Neutral in Today’s America?

Public discourse is in a sad state these days. People are not even talking about issues or political problems. Long gone are the times of lofty discussion about ordered liberty and inebriating individualism. Today things … Continue reading

Is Digital Technology Helping or Harming?

Is Digital Technology Helping or Harming?

Can digital technology change the way we think? Can it influence our moral judgments? These questions have ignited a great debate about the proper use of technology in our lives. Many are now pointing out … Continue reading

Can Your “Online Brain” Make You Lose Your Mind?

The Internet is the favorite obsession of the modern age. It does not respect age, social condition, sex, or any other criteria. Users range from those who barely know how to use e-mail to some … Continue reading

The Most Popular College Degree: Majoring in Regret and Remorse

Never in history has it been easier to get a college degree than it is now in the United States. There are more colleges, more programs, and more ways to pay for them than ever … Continue reading

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