Shrinking Populations Represent Shrinking Future

Many millennials and gen-z-ers never had the experience of “going out to play” in generally safe neighborhoods without constant parental supervision. High divorce rates and the rising influence of the Internet deprived them of this … Continue reading

Why America Must Reject the Coronavirus Lockdown Model. It Doesn’t Work!

We are living in surreal times in which everything is upside down. As society is opening up from the coronavirus lockdown, perhaps a metaphor best explains what we have gone through. For the last three … Continue reading

Return to Order How Colonel John Ripley Exemplified Moral Courage--and What We Can All Learn from Him 1

Ballad of the American Knight

Music inspired by the life and heroism of Col. John W. Ripley From the TFP Call to Chivalry Songbook. Colonel Ripley is most commonly known for his heroics in Vietnam during the Easter Offensive of … Continue reading

Three Themes Needed to Recover from the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is turning our lives upside down. The shutdown’s economic impact will be extremely severe. However, we should hope for a profound religious turnaround as we struggle to find meaning in the events … Continue reading

The Bleak World of Post-Coronavirus Schools

The segment of society that was least prepared for the Coronavirus crisis was education. The whole education model – public, parochial, and private – involves bringing together children from many families into a single room. … Continue reading

Why Young People Are Attracted to the Sublime

Liberal writers have trouble explaining the attraction of young people for religion, especially in its more traditional forms. This attraction is not supposed to happen. It short circuits the logic of their exhausted narratives. Young … Continue reading

How the Liberals Became COVID Doomsayers

Until recently, being a doomsayer was a conservative privilege. Conservatives are the ones who uphold a Christian moral code and thus feel entitled to denounce its very real neglect. They have always been accused of … Continue reading

Human Problems Demand Human Solutions, Not Socialist Ones

In the fight against the coronavirus, most governments, including some state governments in the U.S., have enacted the Chinese lockdown model for industry. The plan shuts down all “nonessential” activities, lays off workers and expands … Continue reading

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