Can the Mad and Lonely Shooter Be Stopped?

Can the Mad and Lonely Shooter Be Stopped?

Recent shootings serve to highlight how we live in times that are violent and lonely. Young shooters are breaking the precarious rhythms of our daily lives with tragedy. We know little about them. However, one … Continue reading

Can Respect be Restored to the Modern Funeral?

Tempus Fugit. Memento Mori. Four Latin words describe the traditional attitude toward death, especially our own. Our less economical English language translates the adage as “Time passes quickly. Remember, one day, you will die.” The … Continue reading

Why Disruptive Students Get Away With Murder

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is an education-oriented think tank that is usually on the conservative side of the spectrum. They favor the charter school movement and oppose the more radical aspects of the Common … Continue reading

This Is Why Woodstock 50 Was Just Canceled

This Is Why Woodstock 50 Was Just Canceled

Of the rock festivals of the sixties, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was by far the most famous. Held on a 600-acre dairy farm near Bethel, N.Y. on August 15–17, 1969, the festival is … Continue reading

Is “Zombie Eating” The Death of Fine Dining?

Eighty-eight percent of Americans are zombie eaters, according to a survey commissioned by Snyder Lance, the manufacturers of “Pretzel Crisps.” Zombie eating means eating while staring at a screen. We find zombie eaters everywhere. Few … Continue reading

Can a Day Off Prevent Teenage Suicide?

This is a challenging time to be a student. All generations had it rough. They all face the stress of preparing to leave the nest and being responsible for themselves. Graduates in the thirties had … Continue reading

Turning Women Into “Gestators” Is the Way to Abolish Motherhood

Turning Women Into “Gestators” Is the Way to Abolish Motherhood

The present manifestations of feminism are mere phases of a process that seeks the annihilation of women. It seems a contradiction. Feminism claims to glorify women and their accomplishments. Women’s Studies departments worldwide are supposedly … Continue reading

Can You Have a Church Without God?

The “Jesus People” of the late sixties tried to combine the hippie lifestyle with Christianity. They found traditional worship stifling and unstructured fellowship appealing. Their motto could be “I want God in my life, but … Continue reading

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