Trump Blasts Racism and Lies in Executive Order 13950

On September 22, 2020, as the nation walked the recent election’s tortuous path, President Trump signed an executive order. The document may be a high point of his tempestuous term of office. It is known … Continue reading

How the Virus Killed Santa Claus But Not Christmas

Christmas is a special time for children, who are attracted by the sublime and themes of wonder and grace. As at the time of His birth, the Divine Infant radiates innocence and joy in a … Continue reading

Five Powerful Reasons To Appreciate God This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, the COVID crisis threatens and discourages all the material trappings that usually characterize the secularized holiday: big family get-togethers, sporting events and “Black Friday” shopping binges. We are left with a more subdued … Continue reading

Satanic Bias: Closed Churches and Open Strip Clubs

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, real leaders should help establish the seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless, in many places, they are failing miserably.  Their misguided decisions provide ammunition for corona-skeptics to question unfairly … Continue reading

Homeschooling May Be the Only Escape from the Democrat’s School Revolution

Every Democrat who has run for president since 1960 has promised to fix America’s public schools. That promise remains unfulfilled. American schools have not improved, and many argue that they have grown progressively worse over … Continue reading

What’s Behind the Great Masking Divide?

The great mask controversy exploded on the scene as the COVID crisis developed. Contrary to what might be expected, the demand for masking soon became a major issue. A simple matter of medical precaution turned … Continue reading

Will “Moderate” Joe Biden Lead to a Communist Grip on America?

As the exhaustive election cycle ends, it is hard not to feel disappointed by the results, disputed though they may be. With all the existential threats facing the nation, this contest should have been a … Continue reading

Co-parenting – The Ultimate Threat to the Traditional Family

“What’s a “normal” family in 2020? There’s only one answer: Whatever you want it to be.” That is the assessment of Claire Gillespie, writing in The Week. A Generation Battered by Divorce By modern standards, … Continue reading

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