This is Why Isolating Ourselves Is not the Solution

People who see the horrors of our chaotic world frequently segue to looking for a dangerous non-solution—the Benedict Option. That is why we must resist the temptation of simply writing off the present system with … Continue reading

Why Leisure Is Indispensable in Today’s Restless Society

About 1990, an acquaintance of mine got the job of his dreams. One sign of his new status was his employer-issued BlackBerry interactive pager. At the time, this device was state of the art. Older … Continue reading

Education’s New Obsession: Can Math be Racist?

Once again, the educationists are racing to create ever more absurd ways to “teach” children. The recent controversy over the proposed California Social Studies Curriculum is one example. This proposal was so ridiculous that the … Continue reading

This is Why We Can Have No Illusions About Today’s Crisis

The present crisis in America compels me to present a consideration about surviving in our world of chaos. It has three words: “Have no illusions.” Look at the battlefield and have no illusions about the … Continue reading

Two Powerful Rules of the Spiritual Life that Never Change

In the spiritual life, there are rules that help the Catholic in the quest for sanctity. Some of these are general rules that apply to dealing with the weaknesses of our fallen nature. According to … Continue reading


What is the Meaning of ‘Modest Fashion Week’?

When you hear the term “modest fashion,” you think of clothing linked to religious convictions. The term usually applies to women’s fashions since they were much more affected by the liberalization of the sixties. In … Continue reading

Will the Koran Be Your Child’s Next Textbook?

Modern Muhammadans are using America’s schools to make Islam more acceptable to Christians everywhere. The pattern of that attempt is spelled out in two separate articles appearing within a week of each other. One, “The … Continue reading

A Fake Robot Baby for Lonely People

Technology has undeniably made communication more accessible than ever before. With a few keystrokes, one can message people in Timbuktu from the safety of one’s room. Despite this facility to connect, people are lonelier than … Continue reading

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