Can Rivers, Rice and Orangutans have ‘Personhood Rights?’

The classic philosophical definition of a person is “an individual substance of a rational nature.” A person possesses a center point of being, autonomy and self-sufficiency, which irrational beings do not have. To be a … Continue reading

One Million Catholics Pray the Rosary in the Streets

In times like these, we must pray with confidence that Our Lady will find a way to help the Church and our nation out of the present crisis. Indeed, so many are looking for ways … Continue reading

Why the New Joker Film Is No Laughing Matter

The new film, Joker, is much more than a simple film. The intensely violent and bloody blockbuster is a statement about what has gone wrong with our society. It is yet another symptom of a … Continue reading


Nearly 20,000 Rosary Rallies Blanket America and the World on Saturday

Tens of thousands of rosaries covered the United States as Catholics nationwide proclaimed: “God is the only solution for our times.” Hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors made a public stand from one side of … Continue reading

Why Feminism Is Making Women Stress Out

A new study has found that the stress of modern life is especially taking its toll on the physical and emotional health of women. The report titled Burnout Flashpoint: The Stress Epidemic Confronting American Women … Continue reading

Here Are the Victims of the “Virtue” of Tolerance

The modern mania for tolerance is an insidious tool of the Great Deceiver. It goes by other names as well – acceptance, accompaniment, and being non-judgmental. The modern world and media praise behavior that displays … Continue reading

Future Belongs to Those Who Oppose Drag Queen Story Hours

A new kind of debate is now raging inside conservativism. In times past, we discussed the strategic and tactical options by which we might work toward common goals inside the existing political framework. Today, the … Continue reading

Liberals Attacking Common Core? Yes, It’s That Toxic

The American educational system is always awash with proposals for “change” or “reform.” There are plenty of opportunities. Every time the legacy of John Dewey fails, the educationists rework Deweyism and call it “change” and … Continue reading

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