December 8th, 2018

A Satanic "Christmas" display, 4 1/2 feet tall, is now standing in the rotunda of the Illinois Statehouse. The sinister monument, which resembles Eve's taking the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, is on display alongside Christian displays:

"According to the Satanic group's application to the secretary of state's office to allow the display, the sculpture is called 'Knowledge is the Greatest Gift,' and it depicts the forearm of a young woman extended, with her hand holding an apple.

"Dave Druker, spokesman for the secretary of state, said the Chicago-based Satanic group had the right, just like religious organizations, to put up its display in the rotunda."

(; emphasis added)

Satanism is the antithesis of religion and the devil is the Father of Lies. Please sign our petition, urging the State of Illinois to remove the Satanic "Christmas" display from public property.


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