Make Reparation for Visit of Blasphemous Artist at the Vatican —

Andres Serrano, an artist and photographer known for making blasphemous and immoral works, some using bodily fluid, was invited to attend the fiftieth anniversary of the Vatican Museum’s collection of Modern and Contemporary Art. His most controversial work title “(P*** Christ)” is a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in Serrano’s urine.  According to reports:

“June 23 saw Pope Francis welcomed around 200 artists from around the world to mark the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Vatican Museums’ collection of modern and contemporary art…

“Andres Serrano — the 72-year-old photographer, whose widely immoral work includes the 1987 image ‘P– Christ’ — was part of the large crowd gathered to meet the Pope, and received a warm greeting from Francis.

“Serrano’s image, otherwise entitled ‘Immersion,’ was a photograph of a small, plastic crucifix completely immersed in a liquid which Serrano attested was his own urine.”

Besides the work “P*** Christ,” Serrano has also done the following:

  • An similar image of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child, also immersed in urine.
  • A work called “Pieta,” showing a veiled woman holding a dead fish, a mockery of the statue of the Virgin Mary holding the body of Our Lord after the Crucifixion
  • Slices of rib meat stuck to a wall in the form of a cross, title “Crucifix”
  • An immoral collection of photographs titled “A History of S*x”

Such a blasphemous artist should not be allowed at the Vatican. Much less should he be received as a guest or recognized for his offensive and immoral works.  Yet, Serrano himself attests that the Pope warmly greeted him, and photographs show the Holy Father giving him a thumbs-up while shaking his hand. This is scandalous, and confusing to millions of Catholics worldwide.

Please sign our petition to the Vatican nuncio, requesting an apology and condemnation of Andres Serrano to an official Vatican event.

Photo credit: Gerd Eichmann, modified (CC BY-SA 4.0),

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To: His Excellency, Archbishop Christophe Pierre,

As a faithful Catholic, I am scandalized that the artist and photographer Andres Serrano received an official invitation to attend a Vatican art event, and was even allowed to greet the Holy Father.

Andres Serrano has produced a number of offensive works, involving immoral and impure behavior, or vulgar and blasphemous images, his most notorious being a crucifix submerged in urine.

That such a man was officially recognized as an artist by the Vatican is not only offensive to millions of Catholics, but scandalous and confusing to the faithful.

I respectfully and urgently request that you send my displeasure to the appropriate Vatican authorities, demanding an apology be made for this invitation, and an official denunciation of Serrano's blasphemous and immoral works.