North Face Sponsors Pro-Homosexual and Pro-“Transgender” Summer Camp for Kids – Protest !

The North Face, a company that specializes in outdoor and camping products, is a sponsor of a summer camp for minors which promotes homosexual sin and “transgender” confusion. The camp, called “Camp Brave Trails,” is co-ed (with “genderless” bathrooms), allows children as young as 12 to cross-dress, and encourages participants to “explore their gender identity.” According to reports:

“The North Face is one of the sponsors behind an overnight summer camp where children as young as 12 years old who identify as LGBT are encouraged to perform in drag.

“Called Camp Brave Trails, the program has locations in both Southern California and New York and enjoys support from the outdoor brand The North Face, as well as shoe companies Toms and Chacos, among other brands. The North Face has sponsored Camp Brave Trails for multiple years, stating in 2021 that it was donating over $70,000 to the organization.

“Videos posted by Camp Brave Trails reveal that young children involved in the program dress and perform in drag [i.e., cross-dressing] while wearing makeup.”
(Source: DailyWire .com)

It is incredible that any company would support homosexual sin and “transgender” confusion, especially for children.

Recent studies have shown that those who undergo “transgender” surgery are much more likely to attempt suicide. And the suicide rate of those who identify as “transgender” is 41% more likely…even in country’s where this vice is accepted. No company should ever support this vice, least of all to impressionable minors. This is a terrible offense against God, and an abuse of minors.

Please, sign our petition to North Face, demanding that it pull its funding of “Camp Brave Trails.”

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To: The North Face, Inc.

I am appalled that your company is sponsoring a pro-homosexual and pro-"transgender" summer camp for minors.

The "transgender" and homosexual lifestyle are already a sinful and dangerous, both to the individuals who practice the vice and to the rest of society. This is even worse in impressionable minors, who may suffer permanent moral and psychological damage from following an unnatural way of life.

Most importantly, this is a grave offense against God, as these vices oppose God's order of creation and distort the individuals he has created.

I urge you to pull your sponsorship from "Camp Brave Trails" at once, and stop endangering children!

Sincerely and urgently,