Petition Against Abortion Pills at CVS and Walgreens


Walgreens and CVS – which run 18,690 drugstores nationwide – plan to dispense abortion pills on a large scale.

According to The New York Times:

“Two major pharmacy chains will apply to sell abortion pills under a new Food and Drug Administration regulation that will allow the medication to be offered by retail pharmacies for the first time.” (NYT, 01-05-23)

The Catholic News Agency explains:

“Abortion pills that can end a pregnancy through 10 weeks’ gestation will have far wider availability as CVS and Walgreens have announced they intend to fill prescriptions for the drug mifepristone, following federal rule changes on Tuesday.” (CNA, 01-06-23)

Why do CVS and Walgreens plan to facilitate the killing of innocent human life by dispensing abortion pills on such a massive scale?

Chemical abortion is NOT healthcare but rather a grave offense against God, the taking of innocent life, and the cause of spiritual and physical harm to the mother.

Tell CVS and Walgreens to STOP the distribution of abortion pills.

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  • And pray to end the sin of abortion.

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