Protest Against Impure Performance at Notre Dame University


Notre Dame University — a Catholic institution named after the Blessed Virgin Mary — is hosting a “drag show” (i.e., men cross-dressing as hyper-sexualized women) at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center on November 3. This is part of a class Notre Dame is offering, called “What a Drag: Drag on Screen — Variations and Meanings,” which ends with a symposium on “drag,” and a “drag show.” According to reports:

“The Film, Television, and Theatre Department (FTT) intends to bring a drag performance to Notre Dame’s campus on Friday, November 3, the Rover learned in an interview with FTT professor Pam Wojcik.

“This semester, Prof. Wojcik is teaching a class titled, ‘What a Drag: Drag on Screen – Variations and Meanings.’ …

“Wojcik told the Rover that the symposium will be on ‘efforts to ban drag.’ And she confirmed that at the end of the symposium ‘there will be a drag performance.'”


A description of the class from Notre Dame’s website reads:

“This one-credit course provides an overview of the history of drag performance on screen. We will consider televisual drag, comedic and dramatic fiction films, documentaries, and silent films. We will consider uses of drag as disguise, cross dressing for comedy, ballroom culture, drag contests, female to male drag, and more. Students will be asked to read essays on drag, write weekly reflections, attend class discussions, and attend weekly screenings, as well as a symposium on drag and performance on Friday, November 3, 2023.”


Reports also indicate that one of the drag performers (who uses the name “Blair St. Clair”) has posted images of himself “almost completely nude” on social media, while another (“London BaCall”) is openly homosexual.

It is a scandal for a Catholic institution to allow these performances. It implies that the Church approves of this immoral behavior. Moreover, it is an egregious insult that a university named after the Blessed Virgin Mary should allow such an impure show. It is a mockery to the purest of God’s creatures. Please sign our petition to Notre Dame University, asking that it cancel it immoral drag performance.

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To: Dear Fr. Jenkins,
Fr. Gerry,
Provost McGreevy, and Administrators,

I am appalled that a "drag show" is scheduled for performance at Notre Dame University at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center on November 3.

"Drag shows," performances where men cross-dress as women with overtly sexual behavior, are contrary to Catholic teaching and morality. It mocks God's order by blurring sexual differences, and glorifies sexual behavior condemned by the Church.

This is even worse that it is taking place at a university that is named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the most pure of God's creatures. This is an insult to her Purity, and to her privilege of being unstained by any sin.

I respectfully request that you cancel this performance.

Uphold Church morality, and stop promoting immoral behavior.

Sincerely and urgently,