Protest Against Pro-Abort Governor at Catholic School —

St. John’s Preparatory School, an elite, all-boys Catholic institution in Massachusetts, gave an official tour a pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politician. To make matters worse, the school gave a write-up of the event which praised the visit. Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts, a self-professed “Catholic” and open homosexual, toured and spoke to student groups at the campus, which is sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers. Over the years, she has been is outspoken in her favor of abortion and homosexual sin. According to reports:

“An elite Catholic prep school in Massachusetts gave a glowing summary of a recent visit from Democrat Gov. Maura Healey, who openly promotes abortion and LGBTQ+ issues in defiance of Catholic teaching.

“On April 9, Healey made her first visit to St. John’s Prep, an all-boys, 6-12 grade school in the Boston area sponsored by the Catholic religious group the Xaverian Brothers, named after St. Francis Xavier. There, the governor spent almost an hour engaging with five student groups.”
(Source: TheBlaze .com)

Governor Healey, who is currently living with her homosexual “partner,” also condemned “homophobia” (i.e., opposition to the homosexual lifestyle) during her tour of the campus. In her political career, she has used her positions to fund abortion groups and pushed for a State college to purchase abortion pills. To make matters worse, a report from St. John’s Prep stated that Healey’s values are “closely aligned with those of the Xaverian Brothers” (StJohnsPrep .org)

How can St. John’s claim to be a Catholic institution when its values are “closely aligned” with someone whose views are contrary to Church morality? Please protest this abomination by signing our petition to St. John’s, demanding an apology for allowing Governor Healey to their premises.

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To: St. John's Preparatory School,
Mr. Edward P. Hardiman, Head of School,

I protest against St. John's Preparatory School allowing a visit and giving a school-sanctioned tour to Governor Maura Healey on 9 April, 2024.

Governor Healey has personally and publically taken stands against Church morality. She has worked in public office to push abortion and homosexuality, and is currently living in a homosexual relationship. These issues are contrary to Catholic morals.

Allowing Governor Healey onto St. John's Prep is a grave scandal, since this act implies approval for her openly sinful lifestyle and position. Above all, this is a serious offense against God.

I demand an apology for this act. Honor Catholic teaching, not sin.