Protest Against Targets Homosexual and “Transgender” Products —

In early May, 2024, Target announced that it will be selling “pride” (i.e. pro-homosexual) merchandise in select stores. But, Target is acting cautiously to avoid the boycotts and protests that happened last year. According to reports:

“Target is cutting back on the number of its stores that will car[r]y Pride Month-related merchandise in June, a decision that comes after the retail chain last year faced a backlash and threats over some of the products.

“Minneapolis-based Target said in a statement that its Pride merchandise will be available next month ‘in select stores, based on historical sales performance.’ A spokeswoman declined to disclose the number of stores that won’t be carrying the merchandise. But a full assortment will be offered online, Target said.”

(Source: CBSNews .com)

Target is still selling “pride” items on its online store. But, they are treading lightly, for fear of public backlash. Reports indicate that sales went down over 5% in 2023 (while Target’s online store dropped over 10%), and the company is stepping back in its promotion of sin.

It is also difficult to find any “pride” clothing for children. This is a result of last year’s reports that the company was selling immoral “transgender” clothing for children. This is certainly a victory, but we should not put down our guard. Instead, we should keep up the fight until all such items are removed.

Please sign our petition to Target demanding that it stop selling pro-homosexual and -“transgender” merchandise in its stores. Now is the time to act!

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To: Target,

I am appalled to hear that you will continue to sell pro-homosexual and pro-"transgender" items in your stores, especially in the month of June.

Homosexual sin and "transgender" confusion is nothing to be proud about.

The "LGBT" lifestyle is fraught with moral and physical dangers. Those who participate in such sinful disorders are more liable to depression and suicide. Moreover, the homosexual movement has sought to destroy children's innocence with immorality and confusion.

Most importantly, homosexual sin and "transgenderism" is a grave offense against God by frustrating His's rules of creation, and revolting against His order. This is a serious danger to society by parading unnatural vice as normal and acceptable.

I urge you to cancel all celebrations of homosexual sin and "transgenderism."

Immorality and sin is nothing to be proud of.