Protest Against Walmart’s Promotion of Homosexual Sin


Walmart is going all out in its promotion of “Pride Month,” complete with a whole line of children’s products. On Memorial Day weekend 2024, Walmart released a video ad on its Instagram page featuring homosexual and cross-dressing “couples” talking about their favorite “pride” products at Walmart.  To back this up, Walmart’s online store features thousands of pride products, in addition to a special page dedicated to pro-homosexual products.  Many “pride” items are available for children! According to reports:

“This past Saturday [25, May 2024], Walmart presented two homosexuals, Jesus and Sergio, marketing the company’s latest line of LGBTQ+ clothing.”

“Walmart’s webpage is carrying rotator ads, one of which promotes ‘Gay Pride.’ And if you search the word ‘pride’ on, you’ll get more than 1,000 items, including one t-shirt that tells you, ‘Some people are gay. Get over it.’ “


Perhaps most disturbing are the items that directly target children. Besides toddler shirts in the rainbow colors, there are also kid’s and baby’s shirts with colors of the “transgender” flag, as well as the “bi-sexual” flag. Other children’s shirts have the following messages:

“I Love My 2 Dads”

“My 2 Moms ROCK.”

“My PRIDE makes me FABULOUS!!”

“LOVE WINS” in rainbow letters.

“Stronger Together” with a row of upraised fists, one of which is rainbow

“I have a crazy guncle [i.e. ‘gay’ uncle] and I’m not afraid to use him”

Other “pride” products include:

A sign that says “Love Has No Limits” ( N.B., the promoters of the homosexual movement have taken this phrase to its logical conclusion by saying “Love has no age “)

Adult t-shirts under the label “pansexual,” with the message, “Girls are Cute [sic] Boys are Cute [sic] Genderless are Cute Humans are Cute”

“Polyamorous Pansexual Proud”

“Respect My Trans Homies Or I’m Gonna Identify As A F*****g Problem”

“It’s Ok To Say Gay […] But it’s not okay to be a homophobic *******”

“Genders Are Outdated”

“Born This Way”

“Wishing All the Homophobes a Super Uncomfortable Pride Month”

“Support Your Local Drag Queens”

“My Son is Gay If That’s A Problem Get Yourself Help”

There is an entire array of products promoting “furry pride” (i.e., people who identify as animals).

These are just some of the products which Walmart is selling under its “pride” label. Not only are these products a vile attack against God’s order and morality, many of them target innocent children. Our Lord warned against the danger of perverting children (Luke 17: 2), and these products are pushing blatant homosexual sin.

Please sign our urgent petition, demanding that Walmart end the sales of these scandalous products at once.

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To: Walmart,

I am appalled that your store is pushing homosexual sin and "transgenderism," and that many of such products are targeted at children.

Homosexual and "transgender" sins are vile crimes against nature, and destructive to children's innocence.

Most importantly, these are all sins against God and His order.

I demand that you immediately remove all "pride" products from your store, and stop targeting children.

Sincerely and urgently,