Protest Anti-Christian Rapper Who Mocks Crucifixion and Eucharist


The controversial rapper Montero Lamar Hill — an open-homosexual who goes by the stage name “Lil Nas X” — is releasing blasphemous content that he sells as “Christian.” The rapper has given previews of his new “Christian” rap, which include him dressed as Our Lord, scarfing down altar wine and communion wafers like a snack, or being raised on a cross, surrounded by scantily-clad women. According to reports:

“Rapper Montero Lamar Hill, also known as Lil Nas X, stoked backlash on social media this week after tweeting an image of himself being lifted on a cross to promote his new song ‘J Christ.’ …

“The tweet also featured a video of his cross reassembling […] an armored suit from ‘The Transformers. ‘ [i.e. a robotic, shapeshifting object that changes into an armored action figure]…

“Hill released a TikTok video Tuesday where he is dressed as Jesus in a church while guzzling the wine and dumping the wafers of the Eucharist down his throat.”
(Source: ChristianPost .com)

The promotional art of the music is a picture of the rapper being raised on a cross in place of Our Lord. Some of those raising the cross are scantily clad women. The image is an impure mockery of Christ’s sacrifice, where He endured humiliation and death to free the world from sin.

The rapper also made controversy in 2021 when he featured a video of himself performing impure acts with the devil. The same year he sold “Satan Shoes” which had inverted crucifixes, satanic pentagrams, and a drop of human blood.

Hill claimed in 2023 that he was entering a “Christian era” of his music. But, the rapper’s music and art are anything but “Christian.” Every promotion pushes the envelope with immorality and blasphemy. Moreover, Hill has made no indication that he is abandoning homosexual sin. To the contrary, he affirmed he will continue to live his immoral lifestyle, which he affirmed in vulgar terms on his social media page.

Mocking venerable matters like the Eucharist or the Crucifixion — especially by associating them with impurity — is not only offensive. It is a real and serious blasphemy. Please sign our petition, urging Columbia Records to cancel its blasphemous songs.

P.S. Please take this petition a step further, and call Sony Music, which owns Columbia Records (be polite, but firm):
Phone number: (212) 833-8000

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To: Columbia Records,
Sony Corporation of America,

I protest against the blasphemous "Christian" music and images from rapper Montero Lamar Hill (a.k.a., "Lil Nas X"), which are being sponsored by Columbia Studios.

These music and images contain vulgarity, references to impure acts, and mockeries of the life of Christ and Christian practices.

Amongst the offensive content, one promotional image shows the rapper being raised on a cross instead of Jesus, and is surrounded by suggestively-dressed women. Another promotional video features the rapper consuming communion wafers and wine like party food, while he is dressed in a "Jesus" costume.

This is not only offensive to Christians everywhere. This is a serious, blasphemous offense to Religion and to God.

Stop bashing Christians! Cancel these blasphemies at once!

Sincerely and urgently,