PROTEST: NFL pushing homosexual sin on Super Bowl


The National Football League (NFL) is working with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to host “A Night of Pride” on Wednesday, February 7, and cover the event on CBS Sports and NFL’s online social channel. According to reports:

“The league [i.e., NFL] announced [January 22, 2024] it will host an event with GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) during Super Bowl week next month in Las Vegas…

“The NFL said in a statement: ‘The National Football League (NFL) will host the third annual A Night of Pride with GLAAD presented by Smirnoff during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, NV on Wednesday, February 7. The event will feature a special live performance with singer-songwriter VINCINT.’ “

The event, like others in years past, is a promotion of “acceptance” of homosexual sin, especially in sports, and includes performances and appearances of openly homosexual celebrities.

The NFL has long had the reputation of being a neutral venue, where politics and moral issues are put aside. Yet, it is clear that this is no longer the case. Year after year the promotion of sinful behavior is becoming more prevalent. Worse, it is often done on live television.

As Christians, we cannot settle for neutrality and lukewarmness. We must stand up and say no when such a supposedly  neutral event pushes blatant immorality.Please sign our petition to the NFL, demanding that it cancel its “Night of Pride” and stop pushing homosexual sin.

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To: National Football League,

I am appalled that the NFL will be taking part in an event that promotes and encourages homosexual sin. Reports indicate that NFL will be joining GLAAD (a pro-homosexual group) to host "A Night of Pride," which celebrates unnatural vice as normal and acceptable.

This is a terrible sin of scandal, as it normalizes homosexuality.

The social acceptance of this vice threatens the moral foundations of America. Above all, this is a serious offense against God and His Law.

I demand that you cancel your "Night of Pride" and apologize.

Sincerely and earnestly,