Protest Sacrilegious Funeral at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral


A sacrilegious funeral service was held for a man who was an open homosexual, a cross-dresser, pro-LGBT activist and avowed atheist inside of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, in New York City on February 15. Cross-dressed attendees filled the cathedral with obscenities and blasphemies. In fact, the sacrilegious “service” looked like a Drag Queen Show. It was an act of defilement of “America’s Parish Church,” as Saint Patrick’s is affectionately known.

Mocking everything sacred, attendees at the funeral of notorious pro-transgender activist known as “Cecilia” Gentili (a man) gave a gross mockery of a funeral. The New York Times reports on what took place at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral:

“The service on Thursday [February 15] was an event that most likely had no precedent in Catholic history. The pews were packed with mourners, many of them transgender, who wore daring high-fashion outfits and cheered as eulogists led them in praying for transgender rights and access to gender-affirming health care.” (NYT, Feb. 17, 2024)

Breitbart further explains:

“An image of Gentili with a halo, surrounded by the Spanish words for ‘whore,’ ‘transvestite,’ ‘blessed,’ and ‘mother’ was placed at the foot of the altar for the Feb. 15 event, which was attended by some 1000 people, many of whom appeared in drag [i.e., cross-dressed in a gaudy way].” (Breitbart, Feb 19, 2024)

According to the Catholic News Agency:

“Throughout the liturgy, the presider, Father Edward Dougherty, referred to Gentili with feminine pronouns and described the trans-identifying man as ‘our sister’ […] while attendees frequently and approvingly referred to Gentili as the ‘mother of whores.’ ” (CNA, Feb. 16, 2024)

“A rendition of the ‘Ave Maria’ by the cathedral cantor was interrupted when an attendee shouted ‘Ave Cecilia!’ and danced down the center aisle.” (CNA, Feb. 16, 2024)

The New York Times adds:

“The Rev. James Martin, a well-known Jesuit writer who advocates a more inclusive approach from the church, said it was ‘wonderful’ that St. Patrick’s had agreed to hold Ms. Gentili’s funeral.” (NYT, Feb. 15, 2024)

This is a terrible blasphemy, and one we cannot ignore. As faithful Catholics, we must firmly resist every effort to normalize blasphemy and homosexual sin inside the Holy Catholic Church, even when our shepherds do nothing to stop it. We must protect the integrity of the truth and stand with the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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