February 3rd, 2020

The Super Bowl LIV (2020) aired a pornographic and suggestive half time performance given by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez which included "pole dancing," all on live television when families are watching the game!

This scandalous "performance" included:

  • The two women were both scantily clad, and "danced" in suggestive and objectifying manner;
  • "Pole-dancing," which is associated with "stripping clubs" and other places of ill-repute;
  • Children singing alongside the "performers";
  • Performers "flashing" the camera, as well as touching and "fondling" each other in impure ways.

The NFL has lost any sense of decency. From allowing scantily-clad cheerleaders, players kneeling during the national anthem, to drag-queen commercials, the Super Bowl has become politically-charged, morally depraved, and above all a serious danger for families and society. Please sign our petition, telling the NFL to apologize for scheduling this scandalous performance.


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