May 21st, 2020

According to reports, Bow Tie Cinemas has joined a list of theaters that will live-stream the comedy-documentary Hail Satan?, on June 5. This film tries to paint Satanism as a normal 'religion' and its followers as patriotic citizens. The streaming will be followed by a live interview with the Satanic Temple's spokesman, Lucien Grieves (a pseudonym).

This documentary centers on the Satanic Temple (TST). Over the years, TST has done the following:

  1. 1. Scheduled a public Black Mass on numerous occasions, and claims to have desecrated consecrated hosts;
  2. 2. Is seeking to put up a statue of the devil to counter Ten Commandments monuments;
  3. 3. Targets children to promote Satanism in public schools;
  4. 4. Has performed public Satanic invocations at town halls;
  5. 5. Is pushing for greater abortion access and promotes homosexual 'marriage' and 'transgender' ideology

Penny Lane, the director of Hail Satan? said: "...We knew we weren't going to show...the ritual-type images without providing context as to what those rituals really mean to the people who are participating in them. That was a foundational idea. We wouldn't just show you upside down crosses and not explain why, for a Satanist, blasphemy is a sort of tool, a personal liberation. Why they take these images from Christianity and destroy or subvert them...It's just a really inspiring film for a lot of people..." (Source:

The goal of the Satanists is clear. This is an attempt to make Satanism appear normal and acceptable. And these movie theaters are helping to do so.

We must be on our guard: Satanists are not simply people who do things differently. Their acts are offensive and blasphemous. We must counter these attacks against God and fight to preserve the honor and dignity of our country from this attempt to break down the barriers of horror that still surround Satanism. Please sign our petition, urging Bow Tie Cinema to cancel its live-streaming of Hail Satan?


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