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Amazon, an online retailer, is selling a blasphemous Ouija board, mockingly called the “Holy Spirit Board,” which claims to help users talk to Our Lord Jesus!

Spirit boards (or Ouija boards) are used to invoke demonic, preternatural spirits. Countless demonic possessions have come from the use of Ouija boards.

However, this particular spirit board is much worse than the others. It invites users to call the devil as if it were Our Lord Himself. Simply put, it is blasphemy done to the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Its producers claim that the board’s users will be able to “communicate directly with Jesus Christ.”

This is a dangerous lie! Only demons respond to such a medium like Ouija boards, so to say Our Lord would favor such a thing is blasphemous!

Worse, its description on Amazon deceptively reads: “The Holy Spirit Board can answer all of life’s most important questions, straight from the man himself…Unlike other spirit boards, this one will NEVER contact evil ghosts or demons [sic], so you can ask your questions with an assured sense of safety.”

This is especially dangerous because it entices customers to expose themselves to the devil using the name of God Himself!

Satan is the father of lies. Any message from a spirit board is not from Heaven, but from the devil. Amazon is endangering souls with this blasphemous product. We must take action immediately! Please sign now, and demand that Amazon cancel this demonic product!

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To: Andrew Jassy, CEO of Amazon,

I am appalled a blasphemous "Christian" Ouija board, called the "Holy Spirit Board," is available on Amazon!

This product openly dishonors Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and offends Christians around the world!

In addition, spirit boards open the door to demonic activity, endanger souls, and offend God.

I demand that you immediately remove this product from your site!