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The Buffalo Bills football team, from Buffalo New York, is sponsoring an outright pro-homosexual group.

The National Football League team announced on Tuesday, June 18 that it will support the pro-homosexual flag football group, “National Gay Flag Football League” (NGFFL). According to a statement from the Buffalo Bill website:

“The Buffalo Bills are proud to support the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) with a sponsorship to launch a chapter in Buffalo. The NGFFL is a non profit sports organization that seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American flag football.

” ‘We are thrilled to bring inclusive flag football to Buffalo with the support of the Buffalo Bills. This exciting addition joins 27 other cities, and over 4,000 players, including straight allies, in the National Gay Flag Football League,’ said NGFFL Commissioner Joel Horton.”
(Source: BuffaloBills .com)

Football has long had the reputation of being a neutral venue, where politics and moral issues are put aside. But it’s clear that this is no longer the case. Year after year the promotion of sinful behavior is becoming more prevalent. As Christians, we cannot settle for neutrality and lukewarmness. We must stand up and say no when such a supposedly neutral event pushes blatant immorality.

Please sign our petition to the Buffalo Bills, demanding that the team cancel its support of the NGFFL and stop pushing homosexual sin.

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To: The Buffalo Bills Football League,

I am appalled that your team is promoting homosexual sin by sponsoring the pro-homosexual group National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL).

This is a terrible sin of scandal, as it normalizes homosexuality.

The social acceptance of this vice threatens the moral foundations of America. Above all, this is a serious offense against God and His Law.

I demand that you cancel your support of NGFFL and apologize.

Sincerely and earnestly,