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MGM Studios, along with Warner Bros., is releasing a “teen-romance” cannibal movie this November. The film Bones and All follows a couple of cannibals on a self-seeking road trip, while sympathetically painting their vice as part of who they are. Simply put: Bones and All is a movie that portrays cannibals as normal people! According to reports:

Bones & All follows a young woman named Maren (Taylor Russell), who lives a poor yet quiet suburban life with her father (Andre Holland). When she unexpectedly returns to the suppressed cannibalistic urges of her past, they are forced to uproot their lives entirely, which forces Maren to learn how to survive on the fringes of society with the help of a young man [who is also a cannibal] named Lee (Timothee Chalamet).”

(Source: FilmSchoolReject .com)

Unlike other horror films about cannibalism, Bones and All centers on a “romantic” relationship between Maren and Lee as they seduce, kill and eat their victims. This portrayal of cannibals is meant to be sympathetic: neither character stops being a cannibal, and Maren eats Lee in the end.

The review given above goes on to state that the film is made with “tenderness and affection [sic!],” and is a “very special journey, and you almost forget you’re watching two cannibals fall for one another.” (Ibid)

Other reviews are just as shocking:

“…Lee — who slits throats and scoffs on rednecks like it’s going out of fashion — isn’t just eminently credible but downright likeable… [A scene of Lee murdering a victim] elevates the grotesque into something beautiful…here’s a story brimming with extraordinary romanticism.” (Source: Source: ThePlaylist .com )

“[T]his little movie called Bones and All that looks romantic and…terrifying… It is set in the 1980s and follows two lovers named Maren and Lee on a road trip. They also happen to be cannibals. (Source: Yahoo .com)

“Yes, Bones and All is a cannibal love story… Russell portrays Maren as guarded but warm… The love story is pleasant… There is a message about needing to be yourself [in this case, a cannibal] in order to love someone else…” (Source: Collider .com)

“Lee and Maren’s cannibalism has something bizarrely innocent about it…” (Source: TheGuardian .com)

We previously protested Disney’s Fresh, which grotesquely centered around cannibalism. We also protested New York Times’ article stating there is a “time and place” for cannibalism. Now, this film attempts to normalize cannibalism by putting a “likeable” veneer on those who practice it.

This is the same tactic used to normalize homosexual sin. First, paint them as poor outcasts, who are irrevocably “born that way.” Then, portray them as normal and productive. Finally, give them “rights” to be “who they are,” which cannot be challenged.

Please sign our petition to MGM and Warner Bros., demanding that they cancel the publication of this film.

Updated 11/14/2022

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I urge you to cancel the distribution of the film "Bones and All," which paints cannibals as normal people who are outcast from an unsympathetic society.

This mixing of cannibalism with romance is dangerous to society.

This film will make cannibalism appear innocuous, and erode the barriers of horror that society still has for cannibals.

Do not destroy civilization. Cancel this cannibal film!

I remain,