January 5th, 2018

Steam video game distributors has released a game called “Dream Daddy,” which promotes homosexual sin and makes blasphemous references to Christ's Birth and Second Coming. According to reports:

“You'll play as a lonely, single dad who just moved with his daughter to a new neighborhood in Maple Bay. To your surprise, every dad on your street is single and ready to mingle. Your heart will have to decide between seven different dads, like Mat, Craig, Hugo, Brian, Damien, or Joseph.”


These are all serious offenses, and they are a direct threat to children who will have access to these video games.

Please take the time to sign our petition, telling Steam Video Game distributors that we will not stand for this promotion of homosexual sin to our children.


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Current Signatures: 20,250
Signature Goal: 50,000
20,250 Signatures

Signature Goal: 50,000