June 18th, 2020

Amazon is selling anti-police products, like "Blue Lives Murder" t-shirts and other items that depict law enforcement officers as pigs or tyrants. According to reports:

"T-shirts emblazoned with the message 'Blue Lives Murder' are for sale on Amazon -- and the founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC is demanding they be taken down, arguing that the message puts officers' lives at risk... 'It shows that [Amazon is] bending over backwards for this movement like many other companies are. That's not OK,' [Sgt. Joe] Imperatrice said. 'People can't be making shirts up, turning people against [cops]. It's going to cost somebody, more than likely a police officer, their life.' " (Source: NYPost.com)

These products falsely downplay all police as murderers. Unjustly condemning the entire institution of law-enforcers endangers all levels of society: no state can exist if law-enforcement lose respect and credibility, and once the legitimate arm of the state is gone, we submerge into chaos and anarchy.

Please sign our petition, urging Amazon to remove its divisive items.


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