Tell American Library Association to Stop Promoting Impurity to Children

The American Library Association (ALA) is helping encourage impurity and gender confusion in minors as young as 2 years old by providing resources to librarians and teachers for the promotion of, training of, and defense of public library Drag Queen Story Hours and impure and obscene gender-fluid books.

Please send your protest message to the American Library Association and its euphemistically mislabeled “Office for Intellectual Freedom” (OIF), demanding that they stop endangering children’s right to innocence.

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My Petition Message To:
Ms. Cindy Hohl, President, ALA
Ms. Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director, OIF

Dear Executives,

I am appalled to learn of your defense of immoral Drag Queens fascinating and psychologically grooming 2 – 8 year olds in libraries. And for the sampling of impure and obscene books for children.

This shows an astonishing and callous disregard for the normal development of America's minors on your part. Above all, this is a serious offense against God.

Stop these Drag Queen performances, and stop promoting impure and obscene gender-fluid books -- they are inappropriate for any age!

An innocent child is a happy child! Stop attacking children's innocence!