September 3rd, 2020

The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) is employing outright blasphemy for politics. On the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, Our Lord Jesus Christ is depicted as tackling politicians, performing strange miracles and describing himself as "weird." According to reports:

"Jesus" appears as a cartoon figure that mocks and tackles Mike Pence for making Him look "like a jerk." In another clip, "Jesus" appears during one of Pence's speeches, and says: "Hey everybody, it's the miracle guy...Guess what! Party's over. I'm not bailing you out of this one."

He goes on "Sure, I could turn microphones into fish or whatever," and Pence's microphones become fish. "Jesus" then says, "I'll put some masks on these dummies [referring to those listening]...And I'm taking these fish...Because I like 'em raw. That's right. Jesus eats weird stuff. Got it?" (Source:; emphasis added)

Blasphemy is becoming so mainstream, that now it's a political weapon. These acts of hatred against God are part of the cultural terrorism that is destroying our social stability. We cannot let ourselves become numb to these insults. Please sign our petition, urging CBS to apologize for this horrendous blasphemy and stop disrespecting God.


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