Tell Colorado Elementary School: No Satan Club For Children

Get Satan Out of Elementary Schools

Young students at Paonia K-8 in Paonia, Colorado, were invited to take part in an “After School Satan Club” (ASSC) held in one of the school’s class rooms! Satanists had their first meeting on Monday, March 6 for the 2023 school year. The principle Amelia Baldwin of Paonia K-8 does not seem to have offered any resistance to the club, and was even “welcoming,” according to a Satanic organizer. According to reports:

” The Satanic Temple’s After School Club at Paonia K-8 in Colorado held its first meeting on Monday [March 6] after a parent requested the club for her son.
“The club is the first of its kind in the state and was initially announced on Feb. 21 on TST’s Twitter account, according to The74…
“June Everett, TST campaign director for the After School Satan Club program and ordained minister [sic] of The Satanic Temple, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the first meeting was a great success…”

These clubs are a serious danger to children. They push the idea that Satanism is normal and acceptable. And this destroys a child’s innocence by breaking the barriers of horror for the devil and evil that children have. Moreover, Satanism is not a religion, but the antithesis of it. This blasphemous sect should not be allowed near impressionable children.

Please sign our petition to Paonia K-8, urging it to block the Satanic club and to keep these clubs from spreading to other states.

(Updated 08/06/2023)

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To: Paonia K-8,

I am disturbed that you have allowed an openly Satanic group, The Satanic Temple, to rent school facilities for an "After School Satan Club."

Satanism is always evil. And this particular group is known for holding impure events, uses sado-masochistic acts as "religious" practices, and has even desecrated graves.

Is this an organization that you want on school property? Can you not see how dangerous this is to children?

I urge you to cancel any association with this group at once.

Do not scandalize children. Do not allow Satanism and perversity on school premises.

Sincerely and urgently,