Tell Illinois Secretary of State: No Satanic “Christmas” Display



Satanists are are attacking the coming of Christ with a terrible anti-Christmas display at the Illinois State Capitol. The display last year was a “swaddling” devil child that is half human, half goat (image on left), which reports described as an infant depiction of “Baphomet,” a devil that mixes man and animal, and even male and female. Reports this year indicate that Satanists have installed a likeness of a snake next to the nativity. According to reports:

“The Satanic Temple of Illinois debuted a new display in the Illinois Capitol rotunda Tuesday, taking its place next to the annual Christmas and Hanukkah displays…

On Tuesday [December 6] ‘Minister Adam’ of the Satanic Temple of Illinois…was joined by about 15 Temple members to dedicate this year’s display. It consists of a crocheted snake sitting on a book and a pile of apples crocheted by Temple members. (Source: Yahoo .com)

Years past have seen Satanic displays celebrating Eve taking the apple, as well as the baby goat seen above. Every year, it is undeniably an attack against the Christ’s birth, and His Redeeming of Mankind.

Satanism is the antithesis of religion, and should not be treated as one. No government entity should allow the promotion of the Father of Lies. This is contrary to the good of society that they are called to maintain. It blurs the lines of good and evil, and breaks the barriers of horror that society has for the devil.

Above all, these public Satanic offenses are a direct mockery to Christ’s Nativity. This Satanic display is an offensive aping of the Infant Jesus, who lovingly appeared as a child to be accessible to mankind. These attacks must be met with opposition and prayer. Please sign our petition, urging the State of Illinois to not allow Satanic displays on public property.

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To: Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State

I am appalled that a Satanic display is included in the rotunda of the Illinois State Capitol alongside Christian displays.

This display is an insult to God and to countless families that celebrate Christmas. It is a mockery of the holy birth of Christ who came to redeem mankind, and a celebration of sin and vice.

I strongly urge you to pull this Satanic display from the Illinois Statehouse. State officials should honor the Light of the World, not the Father of Lies.