Tell Lebanon Elementary School to Cancel Satanic Club —


We need to act NOW! Superintendent Andrew Gonzalez, of Lebanon Public Schools in Lebanon, Connecticut, confirmed that an “After School Satan Club” (ASSC) will take place in one of the school’s class rooms, beginning December 1.

The club, which tries to present itself as harmless fun, will give practicing Satanists access to elementary children. According to reports:

“An unsanctioned ‘After School Satan Club’ for elementary school children has raised more than a few eyebrows in the Town of Lebanon.

“A Salem, MA based group that calls itself The Satanic Temple said the club will launch at Lebanon Elementary School on Dec. 1.”


These clubs are a serious danger to children. They push the idea that Satanism is normal and acceptable. This will destroy a child’s innocence by breaking the barriers of horror for the devil and for evil that children have.

Satanism is not a religion, but the antithesis and mockery of it. Satanism should not be allowed near impressionable children. Please sign our petition to Lebanon Elementary School, urging it to block the Satanic clubs from its premises.

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To: Lebanon Elementary School,

I am disturbed that you have allowed an openly Satanic group, The Satanic Temple, to rent school facilities for an "After School Satan Club."

Satanism is always evil. And this particular group is known for holding blatantly impure events that mock Christian morality and holding gatherings that are inversions of Christian worship. Added to this, the same group uses sado-masochistic acts as its own "religious" practices, and has even desecrated graves.

You must not allow such an organization on school property!

I urge you to cancel any association with this dangerous group at once, and to protect the innocence of children.

Keep Satan away from our kids!

Sincerely and urgently,