January 26th, 2020

Arsenal Contemporary Art in Brooklyn is featuring an exhibit by Downtown for Democracy which features shocking and lewd pieces of "art," with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider. According to reports:

"A new art exhibit in the Big Apple purports to combat abortion stigma and raise money for the nation's top abortion chain with the title and message 'Abortion is Normal.'

"Organized by the group Downtown for Democracy and running for the rest of January, the self-described 'emergency' exhibit bills itself as an 'urgent call-to-action exhibition to raise both awareness and funding in support of accessible, safe, and legal abortion,'...

"Proceeds from the event will go to Planned Parenthood's 2020 campaign spending as well as 'voter education and advocacy' efforts..." (LifeSiteNews.com)

We must not let the wicked try to make unnatural sin appear acceptable. We must show our vehement rejection of the promotion of infanticide. Please sign our petition, telling Arsenal Contemporary Art: "Abortion is NOT normal!"


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20,752 Signatures

Signature Goal: 20,000