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A Satanist in Olathe Northwest High School, in Olathe Kansas, is attempting to open a “High School Satanic Club,” and is gathering signatures from fellow students to get the club started. The school has yet to approve of the club, but has indicated that it might do nothing to prevent it. According to reports:

“A ‘Satan Club’ hangs in the balance at a Johnson County high school.

“Olathe Northwest High School has yet to give the club official approval, according to the district. Meantime, another student has created a petition to stop the group from forming.

“…The district said a student requested to start a new club called the ‘High School Satan Club.’


This is truly disturbing. High school is a very important point in the life of an adolescent, where they will be making serious steps into the future of their lives to prepare for adulthood. And with all the problems our youth already face, Satanism should never be presented as another bad option for them to choose. Satan, the Father of Lies and the Murderer, is not a role model for youth to emulate.

Please sign our petition , demanding that Olathe Northwest High School block the proposed Satanic club from meeting in its premises.


Olathe Nothwest High School has issued an approval of the High School Satanic Club. Please keep up the fight, and share this petition with your family and friends.



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To: Olathe Northwest High School,
Dr. Brent Yeager, Superintendent of Olathe School District
Chris Zuck, Principle of Olathe Northwest High School

I am disturbed that a "High School Satanic Club", inspired by The Satanic Temple, is being proposed for Olathe Northwest High School.

Satanism is always evil, and is a serious danger to our youth. "Open-mindedness" and "fairness" are not an excuse to allow a group that is inspired by the Devil. Satan is the "Father of Lies" and "a murderer from the beginning." This can only bode badly for society, and for the youths and young adults who will take part in this club.

Most importantly, this is a serious offense against God, Who will not bless a people that promote vice and immorality.

Do not allow Satanism in your school!

Please keep your school away any association with Satanism, and to protect the future of our country!

Sincerely and urgently,