Tell the FCC: Ban Scandalous Performances from Live TV

The Super Bowl LVII aired a scandalous half-time performance given by singer Rihanna. The show included the performer touching herself in a lewd manner, while in an immorally suggestive outfit…all on live television, when families are watching the game!

I cannot even give the details of this lewd and scandalous performance. What I can tell you is:

  • Performer Rihanna was dressed in a suit that scandalously accentuated the upper part of her body, while wearing an open “jumpsuit” that gave the impression of exposing herself.
  • She was seen touching parts of her body in lewd and suggestive ways on live TV
  • One of her songs was titled “B**** Better Have My Money.”
  • Another titled “Rude Boys” implied sexual activity, and was accompanied with the performer suggestively touching her posterior.

This is positively disgusting. A singer like Rihanna should never have been invited to an event aired to thousands of families across the country. That’s because she is notorious for so much bad behavior. This activity includes:

  • Appearing scantily clad in public, and nude in magazines and social media
  • Mocking the Catholic Church with a scandalous costume, wearing a mock bishop’s miter
  • Releasing a video that was so scandalous and explicit, that it was banned  in at least 11 countries
  • Music that is sexually explicit, and glorifies rape culture
  • Openly practicing and advocating drug use
  • Supporting football players who unpatriotically knelt for the National Anthem


Please sign our petition, telling the FCC to stop allowing such performances on live television in the future.

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To: The Federal Communications Commission,

I am appalled at the scandalous and lewd half time performance that was allowed to air on live television during the Super Bowl LVII, on 12 February, 2023.

The singer, Rihanna, who led the half-time performance, should never have been allowed to perform. She has a history of explicit and graphically immoral behavior. She included suggestive and lewd actions with scandalous lyrics at the Super Bowl, and was dressed in a suggestively open "jumpsuit" that revealed immoral clothing underneath.

This is scandalous to the thousands of families and children watching the Super Bowl. Above all, it is an affront against God's Law.

I take extreme offense at this scandal, and demand you take immediate action to ban such performances from live TV in the future.