October 19th, 2019

The United States Naval Academy is under pressure to allow Satanic services on its premises after a group of Satanists within the academy sent out a public announcement to their midshipmen, inviting everyone to attend a Satanic service!

Shortly after the Naval Academy made its statement barring the Satanic group from practicing rituals on its campus, the Satanic Temple issued a statement threatening the Academy with a lawsuit if Satanists were not allowed to "hold services."

The battle cry of the devil was "I will not serve," and rebellion and disobedience are his works. This selfish spirit is wholly contrary to the values of American soldiers, and a danger to the order of the military itself.

Please sign our petition, urging the U.S. Naval Academy to stand strong against the normalization of Satanism.


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Current Signatures: 36,849
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36,849 Signatures

Signature Goal: 30,000