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Walmart is selling a whole ensemble of Satanic products in its online store. These include statues of the devil, pentagram pendants and even Satanic books written by the notorious Satanist, the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LeVey.

“Walmart has come under fire—the fire of hell—for selling satanic products. Their online catalog has 22 pages—around 440 items—of demonic merchandise…The products include demonic sculptures and figures; satanic pornography that blasphemes Christ’s crucifixion; numerous products and jewelry with pentagrams and other demonic images, and books that include the Satanic bible and books on spells.” (; emphasis added)

These promotions at Walmart erode the normal barriers of horror we have for Satanism. Please, sign our petition, urging Walmart to stop promoting Satanism and immorality.

Update: After this protest was launched, some of the products listed were removed. However, there still remains blasphemous tee shirts by rock bands like Bahemoth, works written by Anton LeVey, Ouija Boards, Satanic ‘coloring books’ and school products, among others. We intend to continue the petition until these products are removed as well, and Walmart stops allowing such offensive material. Keep up the fight!

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To: Walmart President Doug McMillon,

I am shocked and appalled that you are selling Satanic products in your online store, which includes Ouija boards, pentagram necklaces, Satanic literature, and works by Satanist Anton Lavey.

These products are an offense to millions of Christians.

Moreover, this is a serious offense to God, since it normalizes Satanism and erodes the natural barriers of horror that people still have for the devil.

Please, remove all Satanic products at once!