The Erie Playhouse is scheduled to feature a “drag Christmas performance” on Saturday December, 23. This performance will feature Justin Andrew Honard, an open homosexual and cross-dresser, who uses a stage name that cannot be given in full for its vulgarity. “Drag” performances feature men who dress as women, often in immoral and suggestive ways, and perform vulgar and impure actions in front of audiences. This has everything to do with besmirching Christmas with immorality and sin, at a time where Christians celebrate Christ freeing mankind from vice. According to The Erie Playhouse’s description of the show:

“The ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like ALASKA …A Christmas Show’ tour begins in Seattle on December 6, 2023, and travels to 11 cities, including Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, and New York City…

“Justin Andrew Honard is an American drag queen and recording artist from Erie, PA, performing under the stage name Alaska 5000 [the entire, vulgar name is omitted by the source]…
(Source: EriePlayhouse.org)

Over the years, Honard has promoted homosexual and “transgender” organizations, and released music albums replete with vulgar names and content. Reports claim that he was inspired to begin his cross-dressing career while smoking cannabis, which also was the inspiration for his vulgar stage name.

Blatant immorality like this is already unacceptable. But to associate such unnatural vice with the Christmas season is not only offensive. It’s outright blasphemous! Please sign our petition to The Erie Playhouse, demanding that it immediately cancel this horrid mockery of Christmas.

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To: Zach Flock, Executive Director of The Erie Playhouse,

I am deeply offended that your venue will be hosting a "drag performance" on 23 December, 2023, especially since this performance is blasphemously themed as a "Christmas" event.

"Drag shows," performances where men cross-dress as women with overtly sexual behavior, are a mockery of God's order by blurring sexual differences, and glorifying sinful behavior.

This is a serious offense against God, especially because it is done during the time commemorating Christ's coming to redeem mankind from sin.

I urgently ask that you cancel this blasphemous and offensive performance.

Christmas is about freeing men from the devil, not about glorifying vice.