Urge Etsy to Remove Anti-Christian, Satanic Products —


Etsy, an online retailer, is selling satanic items. Among these are Satanic “rosaries”, pornographic images of occult practices, and hoards of pentagrams, skull and other objects that glorify evil and even violence. Among others, there are:

  • Images of burning churches on t-shirts and other products. One product, a “Burning Church Card” has the following description: “The perfect card to celebrate your most recent church burning…”;
  • A ceremonial dagger for Satanic practices;
  • Items that mock Our Lord and Our Lady in Satanic and perverse ways. These include sculptures painted in Satanic ways, Christ made to look like a “death medal” rock star, and perverse images that I cannot even describe for their immorality;
  • One item is marked “Desecrated Bible Pages,” and has Satanic pentagrams stamped on the torn pages of Sacred Scripture;
  • Sarcastic “children’s book” shirts with images of children taking part in Satanic practices, which read “Let’s Sacrifice Toby,” “Let’s Summon Demons,” or “My First Ouija Board”;
  • A plethora of inverted crucifixes, Satanic “rosaries,” and other “religious” items for immoral use.

This is in contradiction of Etsy’s policies: “Etsy does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward people or otherwise demean people based upon…religion“. Moreover, showing items with burning churches contradicts their policy against “items that encourage, glorify, or celebrate acts of violence against individuals or groups.” Etsy must immediately remove these items at once! Please sign our petition, urging Etsy to remove its anti-Christian, Satanic products.

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To: Etsy,

I urge you to remove all anti-Christian, Satanic items from your store.

These pose a serious threat to society and are a hateful attack on Christians everywhere, as they inspire violence and hatred.

Above all, these are an offense against God.

I urge you to remove these items at once.