December 1st, 2019

A "Drag Queen Christmas" performance is scheduled to take place on December 17, at Folly Theater in Kansas City. Such performances feature men dressed in scanty "drag" and often performing immoral behavior. To make matters worse, while the performance warns of this "naughty" behavior, it also says "all ages welcome"! According to the description:

"A Drag Queen Christmas -- The Naughty Tour. It's a magical (and hilarious) evening of holiday performances featuring contestants from the reality television show on VH1. Here come the queens in their biggest holiday costumes with back-up dancers and a full stage production. All ages welcome. Warning -- adult content (because they're drag queens)..." (; emphasis added)

This is an insult to the birth of Christ and human dignity. It blurs the lines established by God regarding sexuality and is a danger to our children and society. Please sign our petition, urging Folly Theater not to allow the "Drag Queen Christmas" on its premises.

Taking a principled not a personal stand


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17,285 Signatures

Signature Goal: 30,000