Urge Michigan Commissioners to Stop Satanic Invocation —


A Satanist is scheduled to give an invocation to open a board meeting in Michigan. Members of The Satanic Temple (TST) of West Michigan applied to give an invocation to Ottawa County board meeting, and received the “green light” to do so at the opening of the board meeting of April, 23. According to reports:

“Satanists in West Michigan are rejoicing after the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners granted their request to give an invocation for an upcoming meeting on April 23. […]

“…Rev. Luis Cypher, Minister of Satan, made a request for the organization [i.e., TST] on March 6.

“Cypher said he received a response to his written request on March 11, where coordinator Cindy Driesenga informed him of the tentative date of April 23.”

(Source: HollandSentinel .com)

This is a serious attack on the rights of God, and a danger for our country. The committee should do all it can to bar a Satanic invocation. Such Satanic “prayers” are dangerous for the public, as they desensitize people to the notion of right and wrong, and break the barriers of horror that people have for the devil and evil.

Please sign our petition to the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, encouraging it to stand strong in its refusal to honor the devil.


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To: Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, Ottawa County, Michigan,

I urgently request that you remove all Satanic invocations from your county meetings.

Such invocations have Satan as their inspiration, who is publicly understood to be the promoter of immorality, corruption, and vice.

Above all, this is offensive to God and to numerous Christians who understand the danger that promoting Satan brings, especially from a public event.

Promote the common good, not the Father of Lies. Please cancel all Satanic invocations.