Thank you for signing our petition against Satanism

Thank you for signing our petition against the advances of Satanism. As you know, the battle against Satanism is only increasing. Worse, Satanists are targeting children.

We must keep up the fight, because the relentless attacks from Satan include:

  • Children as young as 5-years-old exposed to Satan Clubs opening in elementary schools across the nation.

  • Attempts to put a statue of Satan in the Arkansas State Capitol grounds.

  • Popular TV shows with evil Satanic themes.

  • Black Masses at a public tax funded center in Oklahoma City.

  • And Satanic “prayers” officially started off city council meetings in Florida, Alaska and Colorado.

You see it and I know you want to fight it. Satan is relentless and we must be relentless in our defense. That’s why I invite you to become a Return to Order member and help win the spiritual warfare against the devil.

Will you become a Return to Order Member?

Your gift will help us fight Satan each day and be prepared for each new attack from the Satanists!

Yes, John! I Want to become a Return to Order member

Yes, I am inviting you to join Return to Order.

As far as I know, Return to Order is the only group opposing the Satanic Movement with effective action every day, every week and every year.

Sadly, the Satanic Movement is gaining ground. You have probably noticed how many times you’ve about the latest Satanic attacks.

And tragically, many religious and civic leaders do nothing to stop Satan. The war of political correctness is making good people do nothing.

But, you and I do not need to be politically correct. Together, we can fight evil at its source. You can have an impact. And becoming a member of Return to Order is a very effective way to oppose Satan.

Yes, John! I Want to become a Return to Order member

When you join, you will experience these spiritual joys:

  1. You’ll participate in the prayers and merits of Return to Order front-line volunteers who oppose Satanism at rallies and prayer vigils.

  2. You’ll share in their victories, sufferings and hardships as they face hatred, verbal abuse and sometimes physical attacks.

  3. You’ll receive comfort in knowing that your gift allows Return to Order to respond to Satan’s attacks.

  4. You’ll know the peace of spirit that your support gives courage to many people who feel helpless by the advance of Satanism.

  5. You’ll gladden the angels who watch over this land, as they see your generosity in action to keep America one nation under God.

  6. You are remembered in the daily prayers from other Return to Order members across the country.

YES! Please Sign Me Up for Return to Order Membership

As I said, your gift helps Return to Order, month after month, to oppose the radical advances of Satanism, especially in schools and public property.

See, in a few short years, a small minority of Satanists have achieved what many thought impossible…

…The acceptance of Satan Clubs in elementary schools…

…Satanic “prayers” publicly offered at town council meetings…

…Satanic coloring books for children distributed in school…

…the attempts to raise Satan monuments on state property.

How did all this happen so suddenly? Because Satan strikes at every opportunity. And, because most decent folks did nothing.

But you are different. You REJECT Satan. You do something. You actually care. That’s why I’m inviting you to join Return to Order. Be part of a growing resistance of fervent prayer and effective action against the EVIL ONE.

And please believe me when I say that you are not alone in the fight against the Devil. Like you, young Return to Order volunteers also believe in the ultimate victory of God’s Kingdom over Satan.

But God wants foot soldiers to do His work: Saint Michael’s spiritual troops. That’s why we proclaim God and oppose Satan across America.

Like when we opposed the Satanic black mass at Harvard University, and it was canceled! And the Satanists packed up and went elsewhere. Thank God!

The fight is certainly not over. And we have our work cut out for us. Our Mission is to promote a God-centered society and oppose Satan. And you can help us do it.

Since you probably can’t put your life “on hold” to join us on the streets as a front-line volunteer, here’s the next best thing: You can join Return to Order with your membership gift. This makes you a long-distance crusader in this great spiritual battle to save America.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join Return to Order.

I know you want to have an impact.  You want to fight Satan each and every day.  With Saint Michael’s help and your support, we will fight and God will win.

Fighting the good fight,

Return to Order | LTW Confirmation

John Horvat,