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Thank you for signing our petition asking the Bloomington mayor to restore Good Friday to the work calendar.

The reason we see our country abandoning its respect for God is because our country has lost its respect for His moral law.

But we can only get back to following His law if we reject frenetic intemperance, which seeks instant gratification by abolishing self-restraint.

Yes – there’s HOPE for America’s future.  Experience it by reading my bestseller Return to Order


Hope can come from a serious return to God, faith, traditional family values and healthy regionalism.  In a return to our Christian roots. . .

If you are someone who grieves for America, you know there’s no spiritual hope in the political parties.  You won’t find it in the morally bankrupt establishment either. 

Where then will you find hope for America’s future?

In a serious return to God, faith and traditional family values and healthy regionalism.  In a return to our Christian roots.  In other words, in a return to order.

That return to God and family is explained in my bestseller Return to Order, with over 375,000 copies in circulation.

It gives real hope for good souls who grieve for America. 

Get your hard cover copy here at the discounted price of $14.95


If you already have one, please order another copy and give it to a person of influence who needs to read it.



       “Return to Order provides an interesting analysis of how the United States
has departed from the spiritual, cultural, and economic precepts that supported
the founding and the early history of our republic. It also sets forth valuable
recommendations for restoring our society to its foundation of ordered liberty
and traditional values.”

—  The Honorable Edwin Meese III
Former Attorney General of the United States



I wish you a blessed Easter.


John Horvat II

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John Horvat