Should High School Debaters be Forced to Promote Marxism and Leninism?

Should High School Debaters be Forced to Promote Marxism and Leninism?

Like many students, I benefited immensely from my experience as a high school debater. In addition to the basics of public speaking, debate helps students learn to think on their feet, look at an issue from various perspectives, use evidence to back up assertions and evaluate the effectiveness of multiple arguments. In my teaching career, … Read more

Which Flag Will You Be Flying on July 4th?

As the Fourth of July approaches, Americans are faced with a troubling question: Which flag will you be flying this holiday? The day should serve as an occasion for the nation to unite around its national symbol. Americans have always celebrated with patriotic displays of the stars and stripes of all sizes. This year is … Read more

Beware the Godless Narratives of the Democratic Debates

With the next round of Democratic presidential candidate debates that are scheduled for next week, Americans will not hear a discussion of ideas and proposals to solve the nation’s problems, although that should be the purpose of any serious debate. But today, debate means theater. It means posturing. Candidates must capitalize on every gesture and emotion. Above all, … Read more

Can the Public Square Be Value-Neutral in Today’s America?

Public discourse is in a sad state these days. People are not even talking about issues or political problems. Long gone are the times of lofty discussion about ordered liberty and inebriating individualism. Today things are getting ugly. The unpleasantness was brought to light by the Sohrab Ahmari-David French brawl over how to present the … Read more