Invite John Horvat to Speak

Invite John Horvat to Speak - photo at The Catholic Information CenterJohn Horvat II would love to speak to your parish or conference and share his passion for America’s Return to Order. The incredibly unique solutions he discovered in the course of two decades of research are refreshing and hopeful. His ability to pinpoint the root cause of our economic and moral crisis and communicate the benefits of an Organic Christian Society has lead him to speaking engagements at home and abroad, including Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and South Africa.

John Horvat’s talks will:

  • Improve your capacity to deal with the present economic and moral crisis.
  • Strengthen your conviction that America is worth fighting for.
  • Lower your anxiety over the lack of economic solutions.
  • Enhance your ability to reconnect with our Christian roots.
  • Renew your resolve to fight for what is good in America.
  • Boost your enthusiasm for a society with Christ as its Model.
Speaking to cadets, The Citadel, Charleston
Invite John Horvat to Speak

His articles and guest appearances have been featured by ABC News, C-SPAN, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, The Christian Post, The Washington Times, CBS News, USA Radio Network, TheBlaze, Conservative HQ, the Associated Press, Tea Party News Network and in many other news media.

Whether its a men’s retreat, parish event, or conference, John Horvat is a dynamic and engaging presenter who will inspire your audience. For information on how to book him for your event, please contact us.

You can also contact Mr. Horvat directly at: [email protected].

John Horvat is available to give the following talks:

“Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother: The Key to Bringing America Back to Order”

Description: A talk that focuses on what it means to honor parents, why your whole family needs to be fired up with the idea of honor, and how the sense of honor can revitalize society.

“The Challenges of Big Government: When Caesar Wants What Isn’t His”

Description: So many talk about the abuses of big government but few speak about what makes government big and what can be done keep it small. This talk addresses these subjects and lists five steps one can take to return America to its roots and limited government.

“Frenetic Intemperance: What Went Wrong with the Modern World”

Description: The key to confronting the nation’s problems is to understand them. This talk provides an penetrating analysis of today’s frenzied lifestyles and markets and what can done to remedy these problems.

“Wisdom: The Foundation of an Organic Christian Society”

Description: An outline of what is meant by an organic Christian society and how such a society based on Christian wisdom would provide remedies for some many of today’s social and economic problems.

“5 Steps to Prepare for America’s Economic Collapse”

Description: This talk describes a culture of instant gratification that is leading to an economic crisis and what concrete steps might be taken to create a contrary culture rooted in family, community and faith.

“A Way-of-the-Cross Society”

Description: This talk looks at the moral dimension of the present social and economic crisis and discusses the need to return to a Christ-centered vision of society that embraces suffering and self-sacrifice.

Mr. Horvat can also speak about or adapt the many themes contained in his book, Return to Order, to suit a specific audience.

His talks have been well received at:

  • Parish groups / retreats
  • Pro-life events
  • Catholic men’s conferences
  • Patriotic gatherings
  • University seminars


“Your talk was very successful. I was at a meeting tonight about Property Tax Elimination and several people there attended last night. They really got a lot out your message and we spent some time tonight talking about it. God bless you for all you do for our Lord and the Blessed Mother!!! We need you badly to be the light in the midst of darkness.”
— Helen M.

“I wanted to thank John Horvat II for speaking at our Catholic Business Breakfast. His address was spot on and everyone who came to the Harbour Club that morning was delighted.

“Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone led the opening prayer and our local Catholic Radio Station WLTQ got the word out. I hope that Return to Order will continue to inspire that much-needed regeneration of wisdom and virtue in America.”
— Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bascom
Charleston, SC

“People are confused and a bit bewildered. You point to the reasons for this and solutions to end it. So where people go looking for answers is where your book needs to be. A lot of folks need to see and hear more about you and your thinking. Veteran’s groups, certain schools, churches, etc… John, you’re a smart man with firm principles, with a real ability to get to the truth of the matter. Please keep writing and thinking…”
— Douglas J. F.

“Your book is chock-full of strong observations and subtle analysis. There is much of value and insight and passion and faithfulness. I commend you for all of it.”
— Michael I. Rothfeld
SABER Communications, Inc.

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“I met you and listened to you speak at that downstairs restaurant in Pennsylvania which had a panoramic view of the valley. I am personally indebted and grateful to you for your work in helping me sort out economics and what is ailing the world–or should I say what is ailing us or why we are ailing… I studied a Political Economy course recently and your teachings and weekly emails are answers to my prayers and questions raised in that course. I truly mean this.”
— Charles J. B.
(Grad student at Rutgers University)

“His talk was very useful. It helped me understand that the current economic crisis finds its root in a moral crisis.  Mr. Horvat gave us concrete solutions to turn the tide.”
— Michel de Keukelaere
Law Student, Brussels

Return to Order is a novel analysis of the current economic crisis, with realistic answers to the challenges civilization faces. This is the stuff from which we can build the society of tomorrow!”
— Paul Forget
University student, Brussels

“I fear that good-hearted, Christian, family-loving folks have almost lost sight of what is truly important in our human journey.  John Horvat II hasn’t forgotten.  He graced our group, Tea Party Patriots of Southern New Jersey last month at an event in Cape May Court House, New Jersey.  He explained with amazing clarity “where we’ve been, how we got here and where we need to go.”  John Horvat’s book Return to Order is the medicine our patriots need.  He presented it with grace, charm and humility.  The audience was spellbound and was left to realize that we had just witnessed greatness.  God bless and be with you, John.”
— Jan Lenox
Tea Party Patriots of Southern New Jersey