Why Regulation Does Not Always Work

It is astonishing to see how so many people think unbalanced markets can be regulated into order. They think that stopping abuses with straitjacket regulations will solve all problems. In the case of frenzied markets, … Continue reading

Death Penalty: Avoiding Ambiguity in Doctrinal Matters

In recent developments, there has been a growing debate over the question of the death penalty. On the one side, the liberals are clamoring that taking the life of an offender is always immoral (though … Continue reading

A Solution for a Fragmented America

In his masterwork, The City of God, Saint Augustine offers a definition of a people that can shed some light on why we are so fragmented today. He states that a people is “a gathered … Continue reading

The Martyrs of Japan: Champions of the Faith

It was March of 1585. After three exhausting years spent travelling halfway around the world, Julian and his friends, all Japanese converts to the Catholic Faith, looked out on Rome. They were the first Japanese … Continue reading

Should We Stop Opposing the Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex “Marriage”? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising Statements

The recent (January 30) statements by the Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, Robert Barron, that he will not fight for the abolition of the same-sex “marriage” ruling has scandalized even his admirers. He contends that … Continue reading

How Christianity Created a System of Trust for Money and Investments

Most people do not realize how the financial systems outside of Christendom were untrustworthy in pre-modern times. The moral structures of the Church created a climate of trust and honesty that was unknown to other … Continue reading

Is Modern History Really that Modern?

Modernity is often presented as a negation or suppression of the past. It is considered a novel way of looking at all aspects of society. However, that vision is not based on reality. Modernity did … Continue reading

Can Those Without Self-Discipline Really Be Free?

The notion of freedom must include a strong dose of self-discipline and restraint. Without this, men cannot be free. The following quote from Edmund Burke (1729-1797) contains timely wisdom for the present. “Men are qualified … Continue reading

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