The Church Cannot Change Her Hierarchical Structure Instituted by Christ

The defense of egalitarianism in the socio-political order is a philosophical error. When attempts are made to apply this egalitarianism to the Church, it becomes a theological error. It is a theological error because Scripture … Continue reading

A New Invasion Threatens Europe…and They Aren’t Immigrants

Hordes of people are descending on Europe, destroying local cultures and straining infrastructure. They are descending upon picturesque villages and public squares. Locals are moving out. Some might think that this invasion refers to the … Continue reading

How Science Gets God Wrong

To the scientific community, religion is a mystery that should not exist. The greatest mystery is the God problem. There must be some kind of scientific explanation to account for why people believe in God. … Continue reading

An Appeal to the Divine Shepherdess

September 25 is the feast of the Divine Shepherdess. This devotion dates back to 1703, when Capuchin Friar Isidoro of Seville, a scion of Spain’s most noble families, experienced a mystical illumination in which the … Continue reading

Information Without Wisdom – Digital Media are Replacing Books

You are waiting for your food at a restaurant. Near you, four diners sit in silence at a table. Each diner is operating a cellular telephone. If you have seen this picture, you already know … Continue reading

The Sexual Abuse Scandals: Symptom of a Profound Crisis of Faith

The outrage over both the sexual scandals and the complicity of members of the hierarchy is definitely morally justified. This makes a discussion of the causes all the more necessary. A Sin That Cries to … Continue reading

Absent Without Leave – Why so Many Children Skip School

One sign of a disordered society is a disordered educational system. “We can teach anybody,” is one of the most common catchphrases in American Education. Consider the names of the education programs of the last … Continue reading

Global Debt Soars to $169 Trillion: Will We Ever Learn?

Ten years have passed since the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. It was the worst financial panic since the Great Depression. Now it seems that some of the lessons learned back then are being forgotten. Growing … Continue reading

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