Are The Bathroom Wars ‘Idiotic Stuff?’

I received an email from an irate reader who claimed that the bathroom wars were all about “idiotic stuff.”  Abortion, marriage, and other such issues are all the “frivolous nonsense” by which political parties rile … Continue reading


Summit in Chicago: Chivalry and Manliness

Return to Order author John Horvat delivered a paper on manliness and chivalry at the Inaugural Men’s Summit of the Masculine Genius Institute. The meeting was held on May 18-20 at the Cardinal Stritch Retreat … Continue reading

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Three Very Important American Traditions

M. Stanton Evans lists three important aspects of tradition that shape American life and that need reaffirming today. First, there is the idea of limits on the power of rulers and magistrates. This becomes especially … Continue reading


Three Signs That You Need to Disconnect From Electronic Devices

Electronic devices have become such an important part of everybody’s lives. Every day, people everywhere perform the mechanical ritual of checking emails, text messages, Twitter accounts and other social media platforms. The constant desire to … Continue reading


Return to Order: “One of Those Must Read Books”

Return to Order is one of those must-read books. It is written in a language that is easy to understand but deep in sound reflection and knowledge. Author John Horvat analyzes the current situation in … Continue reading

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Watch the Video: America’s Fatima Future

On the occasion of the American TFP/America Needs Fatima regional conference in Topeka, Kansas on April 23, author John Horvat II presented a talk titled “America’s Fatima Future: What It Will Take to Make It … Continue reading


Petition Aims to Keep Cross in Public Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SPRING GROVE, Penn. (May 18, 2016) – God-loving Americans are signing on to a petition to keep the Cross in Memorial Cross Park, Santa Clara, California. Donated by the local Lions Club … Continue reading


Election 2016: Have Americans Abandoned Their Principles?

America is in crisis, and most people don’t know what to do about it. They are frustrated by a lack of direction and purpose. They are wary of established systems and political maneuvers. They don’t … Continue reading

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