VIDEO: Saint Thomas and Immigration

It seems that Saint Thomas Aquinas has an opinion on just about everything. Uphold Marriage and the Family; Uphold Society: Sign the Return to Order Petition In this video, author John Horvat discusses what the … Continue reading

A Society Without Norms

Can a Society of Spikes and Body-Cameras Long Survive?

There are many who propose solutions in our post-Ferguson America. In light of recent security breaches, for example, the White House security staff announced that it is considering putting spikes on the fence separating the … Continue reading

The Core is Rotten: Three Reasons Why Common Core Should Not Be Accepted

Four Things That Can Replace Common Core

Progressive educators have an obsession for results, especially test scores. Higher scores supposedly prove children will be more “career and college ready” after graduation. Uphold Marriage and the Family; Uphold Society: Sign the Return to … Continue reading


Who Do Americans Trust the Most?

By Vincent Gorre   While on a trip recently, I was reading an online magazine during my flight and came across a news article about a Reader’s Digest poll of “100 Most Trusted People in … Continue reading


Return to Order Video Now with Spanish

Know someone who wants information on Return to Order in Spanish? Now you can forward a promotional video about the book that has Spanish subtitles. It is part of the continuing campaign for a return … Continue reading


The Need for the Small Groups

As much as the individual is highlighted as the principle social unit, the small group has always played a major role in the formation of the human personality throughout history. Uphold Marriage and the Family; … Continue reading


Return to Order Interview on KSAL

On April 24, 2015,  Rich Alexander and Jeff Garretson have John Horvat back on their show, which airs on KSAL-AM 1150 in Salina, Kansas. They talk about the need for Sunday rest as part of … Continue reading

The Family: A Social and Economic Unit

Faith Brings Harmony to Family, Society and State

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira* I believe that the patriarchal society, like everything that exists in this valley of tears, becomes stronger over time, in proportion to its existence and production. However, at the same … Continue reading

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