Lawrence Rice

Natural Law is the Same Everywhere, and Binds All Men in All Times

American law’s attachment to higher law dates back before independence as can be seen in this reference from renowned English jurist Sir William Blackstone: “This law of nature, being coeval with mankind, and dictated by … Continue reading

Fr. Trigilio

Big Can Also Be Beautiful

Our ability to know things beyond the local and the small leads us to affirm that there can also be proportion in bigness. We must, of course, reject monstrous proportions. Yet it cannot be denied … Continue reading


What America needs is a Return to Order and Honor, Meet John Horvat II, Aug.10 in Miami

CHANDLER, AZ (July 20, 2014) – The nation is on course for self-destruction as a result of ignoring our God-given moral compass, which ultimately keeps everything in balance, according to John Horvat II, author of … Continue reading

Sainte-Chapelle_upper_chapel copy

Six Ways to Challenge Our Materialism

Materialism holds that the only reality is that which we can physically perceive. All other considerations are subjective and unimportant. Such a perspective is a distortion of reality. The spiritual realities also have a major … Continue reading


Eighth Tip for Putting Technology in Its Place and Regaining Control of Your Life

8. Reflection is refreshing: Don’t be afraid to think about the big questions of life that all human beings ask. Are there things you wonder about for which you have no answers? For example, why … Continue reading

Lawrence Rice

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

In looking at the debate over immigration, it is almost automatically assumed that the Church’s position is one of unconditional charity toward those who enter the nation, legally or illegally. However, is this the case? … Continue reading copy

Leaving Problems Behind

“The philosopher George Santayana once observed that Americans don’t solve problems, they leave them behind. If there’s an idea they don’t like, they don’t bother refuting it, they simply talk about something else, and the … Continue reading


Dealing With the Sterilization of Time

One of the effects of today’s hurried pace of life is that time itself loses meaning. Inside our rushed schedules, we experience the double sensation of having no time to do anything and doing nothing … Continue reading

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