A Broken Society Explains Why People Are So Lonely

A friend of mine works at a health clinic in a medium-sized town in the Midwest. He told me about a peculiar kind of patient that comes in for treatment. They are young and old, … Continue reading


Good Times Return, but Not Babies

There is an unwritten rule among those who watch the economy. When times are good, families have more babies. Across the board, the fertility rate of women of all ages goes up and the population … Continue reading

Winston Churchill, Charlie Gard, and Alfie Evans

It is possible to see 1945 as the watershed of the twentieth century. The fall of Nazi Germany, the capitulation of Japan, the first use of atomic weapons, the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the … Continue reading

Reparation Crusade in Manhattan: “Much More Than I Expected!”

It was not without some anxiety that I got into the van to travel some three hours to our protest in front of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on June 9. Even if … Continue reading

Why the #MeToo Movement Is Doomed to Fail

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal brought home just how our attitudes about sexual relationships have become dangerously trivial and mechanical. It showed how we have lost the sense of decency, morality, and … Continue reading

Protest at the Met: It Feels Good to Be Catholic Again!

Nearly 600 Catholics gathered for a June 9 rally in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue to oppose and make reparation for the exhibition, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. … Continue reading

Why We Need to Suffer Like the Blessed Virgin When Her Son Is Attacked

Why did Mary choose to follow her Son to Calvary? There is a pain that a mother experiences when she perceives that her child is suffering. It forges a bond of love between the two. … Continue reading

New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope - John Horvat and Norman Fulkerson Illustrate Themes Found in ‘Return to Order’

New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope

    For Immediate Release Contact: John Horvat Return to Order Phone: 717-309-7147 E-mail: jh1908@aol.com Photos available upon request New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope John Horvat and Norman Fulkerson Illustrate Themes Found in ‘Return … Continue reading

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