Return to Order Presentation at Cleveland Right to Life Event: What It Will Take to Win

Return to Order Presentation at Cleveland Right to Life Event: What It Will Take to Win

Cleveland Right to Life held its tenth annual Bringing America Back to Life Convention on Mary 8-9 with about 1,500 activists attending over the course of the event. Molly Smith, the organization’s dynamic president, said … Continue reading

Return to Order Presentation at Legatus Event

On March 7, 2019, Return to Order author John Horvat gave a presentation to the Fort Worth Chapter of Legatus. The title of the presentation was “The Case for a Return to Order” The Catholic … Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air: Glorious Chastity—One Bishop’s Reflection

A breath of fresh air! That is how I felt reading the recent statement by the Most Reverend Joseph E. Strickland, Bishop of Tyler, Tex. The relief starts with the title: Glorious Chastity—One Bishop’s Reflection.1 In … Continue reading

Can the State Tax the Church?

The Holy Roman Catholic Church is the natural enemy of the secular left. Battles between these two forces have gone on for centuries—long before the term “secular left” came into common usage. In those struggles, … Continue reading

Why Economics Alone Will Not Get America Right With God

There is a major problem with books written solely from an economic prism. Consider the fact that the American economy is booming by all major indicators. Unemployment is down to record lows. Inflation is minimal. Consumer … Continue reading

Return to Order A Louisiana ‘Return to Order’ Conference 1

Reasons for Hope and Confidence at TFP Louisiana Conference

Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its 2019 Regional Conference at its headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana on February 22. Over 80 friends and supporters came from throughout the state and neighboring Texas. The central theme of the … Continue reading

This Is How Saint Michael Cast Out Satan From Robbie Mannheim

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the only documented exorcism in the United States of America.1 This is important because one of the biggest lies of the devil is to convince mankind that he does … Continue reading

This is How Panera Found Out That Socialism Does Not Work

A recent article by John Ellis brought the news that Panera has closed its last “Pay What You Want” restaurant. Located in Boston, the bold experiment ended on February 15, 2019. Panera Cares The “Panera … Continue reading

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