The Passing of a King

I would see him from time to time at Catholic events and meetings in Washington D.C. He was a seven-foot-tall African gentleman who was always very courteous and soft-spoken. He had a stately bearing that … Continue reading


Celebrating ‘Return to Order’ Milestones

As the message of the book, Return to Order, spreads far and wide, I have always been humbled and edified by the personal efforts of those who have gone beyond anything I could have expected. … Continue reading


Portland says NO to After School Satan Club

At noon on the October 19, concerned parents and local residents took a public stand in the form of a rosary rally against the opening of an After School Satan Club at the Sacramento Elementary … Continue reading


When the Clowns Take Over

Fear is spreading throughout the country over the sightings of strange and sinister-looking clowns in towns and neighborhoods. No one knows who they are, where they come from, and why they are appearing. All that … Continue reading


Opposition Grows to After School Satan Clubs

Tens of thousands of concerned Americans are protesting a program for elementary school children called the “After School Satan Club” (ASSC). The project is promoted by a group called The Satanic Temple, which has targeted … Continue reading


Why Faith and Finance are Compatible

When it comes to the world of finance, Christians often hear that certain words should never be mentioned together in polite company: God and profit; Christian and capital; faith and finance. Indeed, Christians enter into … Continue reading

The people carried signs against Planned Parenthood in front of their offices on 7th Ave., New York City.

The Miracle on Seventh Avenue: When Planned Parenthood Apologized

When the videos exposing the dealing in baby body parts came out last year, many of us thought Planned Parenthood’s time had come. Surely, Congress and the states would act upon what appeared to be … Continue reading


Four Infallible Ways to Navigate the Winds of Crisis

If there is one dominating characteristic that backlights American politics – on the right as well as the left – it is a growing sense of desperation. After nearly eight years of President Obama’s disastrous … Continue reading

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