Setting the Record Straight About Catholic History

A Review of Bearing False Witness -Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History by Rodney Stark – Templeton Press, 2016. If you are known to be an observant Catholic, then you have had this conversation. Some question … Continue reading

Why Catholics Cannot be Silent about Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

In the history of the Church, many martyrs died for the Faith. Starting with Saint Stephen the Protomartyr shortly after the Resurrection, they were the first to be remembered, venerated for their public witness and … Continue reading

The Charm of the Medieval Town

Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It?

There is the mistaken impression that for a modern economy to work efficiently, everything must be 24/7. Missing a beat is considered fatal to good business and economic productivity. All must be frenzied and hurried … Continue reading

The Invisible Army That Occupies America

Over the past few decades, America has been invaded by an invisible army of ten million men. The impact of this army is fast becoming a crisis in urgent need of solutions. You might assume that … Continue reading

Where Did Lawyers Come From?

Lawyers did not always exist in history. In fact, they are the fruit of the organic development of law in Christian civilization. No other civilization proved capable of giving rise to a profession to deal … Continue reading

My 2017 Resolution: Four Reasons For an Internet-free Sunday

New Year’s resolution time is here, and I am again tempted to be overly ambitious. In moments of passion, I find myself wanting to make extreme changes to my habits that I know will not … Continue reading

What Can We Expect for 2017?

As we enter 2017, many people are still recovering from the stress and drama of 2016. From a political, social and religious standpoint, 2016 was a year of unexpected and unimaginable turmoil. The year brought … Continue reading

Three Ways Frenetic Intemperance Marked the Sixties

In his book, Return to Order, author John Horvat described a spirit of unrestraint that dominated culture and economy, which he called frenetic intemperance. The following article is part of a series of articles written … Continue reading

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