When Was Musical Harmony Invented?

When Was Musical Harmony Invented?

At the time of the Romans and Greeks, all voices and instruments sang and played a single musical line. They had no idea of creating harmonies. Historian Rodney Stark reveals that, “It was medieval musicians … Continue reading


Circulation of Return to Order Book on Organic Christian Society Expected to Hit 250,000 Copies by Summer

Contact: Robert Ritchie (717) 309-1990 reritchie@gmail.com HANOVER, Penn. (June 27, 2016) – Author John Horvat II’s book Return to Order which offers organic Christian principles as the solution to America’s decline, has just hit 235,000 … Continue reading

Humans are not cogs in a machine1

Video: Is this the Pursuit of Happiness?

If your day seems like an endless succession of encounters with machines and gadgets, maybe you need to evaluate how you spend your day. This video traces the day of a frenzied techno-worker as he … Continue reading


The Middle Ages: An Explosion of Freedom, Creativity and Progress

The Middle Ages, inappropriately called “Dark Ages,” was one of the times of greatest technological development, artistic and institutional creativity in history. This is the opinion of  Prof. João Luís César das Neves, Chair of … Continue reading


A City Without a Soul

Near the bustling industrial city of Tieling in northeastern China, there is a brand new city some 6 miles down the road called Tieling New City. The place has everything going for it. Visitors will … Continue reading

Meese_ attribution

Praise for Return to Order – Edwin Meese III

“Return to Order provides an interesting analysis of how the United States has departed from the spiritual, cultural, and economic precepts that supported the founding and the early history of our republic. It also sets … Continue reading


‘Deep Work’: A Shallow Approach to a Deep Problem

There are many books that discuss the harmful effects of cyber distractions upon society and the individual. Such works offer compelling arguments that contribute to the growing skepticism in the general public about our relationships … Continue reading

RTO in Portland

Finding Fifteen More Ways to Promote Return to Order

Below are fifteen more ways to promote Return to Order adapted from some excellent suggestions by book promotion expert John Kremer. The list tells how a person can support a friend’s book. They are below: … Continue reading

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