Heroism of Martyrs and Crusaders

Defending True Marriage With the Heroism of Martyrs and Crusaders

2015 March for Marriage Flyer: With the constancy of the martyrs and the combativeness and manly faith of the Crusaders, let us peacefully and legally fight on in defense of the family… This coming June, … Continue reading


Can You Force People to Sin?

Those who want to opt out of serving at same-sex “marriage” functions often claim a right to religious liberty. Some say it is a matter of following one’s beliefs and conscience. Still others believe it … Continue reading

PS Kroyer

Replace Common Core with Family Dinner

It is no secret that the American educational system is in disarray. In response, big government just loves to come up with multi-billion dollar, 10,000 page programs to fix the system. This results in programs … Continue reading


Expanding Hopes in Hazleton

The event could not have been better timed. The brisk spring afternoon was a welcome change after a long hard winter in Hazleton, Penn. The budding trees awakened hopes of new life and possibilities. From … Continue reading


A Return to the Rule of Honor

Throughout history, two sides, two economic outlooks, two lifestyles have long opposed each other as if engaged in constant combat. Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By Clicking Here. … Continue reading

Freedom Is Not Choice

The Impact That Religion Has on Education That Teachers Are Ignoring

Education and religion are often seen to be incompatible. There is an underlying notion inside the liberal education establishment that religious belief is backwards and contrary to enlightenment. Schools have long been viewed as gateways … Continue reading


Turning Vices into Virtues

So often it is heard that the public good is obtained when men look after their own interests. While there might be some degree of truth in the idea, the real change was one of … Continue reading

Our kids; Why their in trouble

Our Kids: Why They Are in Trouble

If there is any doubt about the failure of the sexual revolution of the sixties, Robert Putnam’s, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis  (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015) overwhelmingly puts such doubts to … Continue reading

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