Control It and You Control Everything

A recent ad for the latest smartphone by Motorola contains the slogan, Control It and You Control Everything. This ad markets an exaggerated claim that the phone will give its owner omnipotent power and control … Continue reading


Is This Election a Last Hurrah?

Many are attempting to make sense out of the present election cycle and especially the appearance of unconventional political outsiders that are dominating the headlines and in some cases the polls. Everyone seems to agree … Continue reading

God and the Double BBQ Sandwich

How a Good Lent Can Help Fix a Bad Economy

To those who see no link between Lent and our failing economy, it might be the case to look again. Economics is about people. It cannot be reduced to numbers, formulae and analyses. “The subject … Continue reading


The Church Favors Balance and Economic Prosperity

The Church has always favored economic prosperity. However, the Church also insists upon balance as can be seen by this excellent quote from Spanish writer Donoso Cortes. “Nor is it less absurd to suppose, as … Continue reading


Analyzing the Apple Watch Ad: “As individual as you are”

Appealing to man’s desire to be “individual,” Apple has released a new ad for their smart watch stating, “As individual as you are.” The ad continues, “everyone is different. So we designed Apple Watch to … Continue reading


“They” is Destroying the English Language

Entering the new year, something tragic happened in the world of grammar and language usage. Over 200 linguists of the American Dialect Society met in Washington, D.C. to choose their “Word of the Year.” They … Continue reading


“Courage, Play the Man”

Religious persecution is a frequent topic of discussion in our country and for good reason. The mere mention of Kim Davis or the Little Sisters of the Poor, is sufficient to conjure up images of … Continue reading


Why We Need Beauty in Our Lives

God created beauty for the life of the soul. It has no corporal usefulness. It does not satisfy hunger, shelter us from a storm or provide warmth. For the life of the body, it is … Continue reading

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