What Makes People Pay for a Walking Companion?

Sociologist Robert Nisbet once said that the quest for community cannot be suppressed. It is one of the most powerful needs of human nature. Through community, a clear sense of purpose and belonging is established. … Continue reading

A Louisiana ‘Return to Order’ Conference

On March 11, 2017, the organization Tradition, Family, Property—Louisiana held its 2017 Regional Conference at its headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana. Close to eighty friends and supporters came from throughout the state and neighboring Texas. The … Continue reading

The Stuff Nobody Wants

As those from the Depression and World War II eras die, their children are left to resolve a tragic problem that past generations did not face. The problem involves stuff nobody wants. The possessions of … Continue reading

Reflections on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Modern man does not know how to cope with suffering. Oftentimes even Christians look upon suffering as something below their dignity, a “persecution from the evil one.” In our Catholic Faith, we look at suffering … Continue reading

Over Three Thousand Rallies For Marriage Make It Clear: It’s One Man and One Woman

As I prepared for a rally for traditional marriage, I wondered how people would react to a public display on this issue that many have declared settled. Perhaps the public would be hostile and see … Continue reading

A Lenten Meditation on an Unconventional Ash Wednesday

As I went to the local supermarket this Ash Wednesday, I was surprised by a table outside on the sidewalk with two men in clerical collars. The sign said it all: “Ashes to Go.” They … Continue reading

From Fake News to Rude Awakening

It has become trendy to call everything fake. This is helped by the fact that so many things are fake. The world is awash in “fake news.” So much of what is reported is dominated … Continue reading

The Technologically Backward and Cold Romans

The Benedict Option Without Benedict

Many conservatives are facing the brutal reality of a culture that undermines their Faith and destroys their values. Not a few have made the logical comparison to the Christians facing both the Roman Empire’s decadent … Continue reading

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