Why This Little Book on Humility Is So Great

Book marketing consists of finding the target audience of those who are looking for the subjects discussed inside a given book. Often this involves narrowing down the field so that the maximum amount of effort … Continue reading

Who Are the Glow Kids?

A bemused reader might scan the title of this book review and frown, “what in the world is a glow kid?!” But do not worry, the author of this review asked the same question when … Continue reading

The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting in Rome

The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting

The upcoming meeting in Rome between Pope Francis and President Trump is fast approaching. It is an opportune occasion to share some thoughts and concerns about the future. The two figures could not be more … Continue reading

Organic Society: Treating People Like Humans Not Like Machines

What is meant by “organic” or “inorganic” can be understood by comparing a living organism, such as a man or an animal, and a machine. A man and a machine have some things in common. … Continue reading

Where Did Personal Debt Come From

Why We Have a Credit-Driven Culture

The American obsession for buying on credit has long been embedded in the national culture. However, many people do not realize just how far back such consumer practices go. Already at the turn of the … Continue reading

Five Pieces of Advice for Graduates: To ‘Adult’ or Not to ‘Adult’

As graduation time comes, many graduates will be making major decisions about their future. They must decide how to pursue their careers with the diplomas they have. They must transition from the more carefree student … Continue reading

Who Created Representative Government?

When looking at the American model of representative government, many have the idea that either America invented its own model or that it was adapted from the ancient model found in Roman senate. Historically, neither … Continue reading

The Dangers of the Benedict Opt-In

No one disputes the attractiveness of living outside the liberal and politically correct society that dominates American life. To the degree possible, there is even an obligation to keep some separation from today’s decadent society. … Continue reading

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