Praise for Return to Order — Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D.

“Return to Order is a clear, engaging read that, by delineating some fundamentals of the natural order, will empower you to spot many of today’s disorders—even some you may have unconsciously bought into. Such was … Continue reading


The Shipwreck of Secession

Upon reading stories of sea disasters in my youth, I have often wondered what it’s like to be shipwrecked. There is an element of adventure in being marooned since one must rely upon one’s own … Continue reading


How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

For some time now, America has seen massive unrest in the wake of several tragic deaths of young black men at the hands of police officers. The most important part of the debate has been … Continue reading


American Intemperance in the Twentieth Century : How the Depression Radically Changed American Life and Economy

In his book, Return to Order, author John Horvat described a spirit of unrestraint that dominated culture and economy, which he called frenetic intemperance. The following article is part of a series of articles on … Continue reading


Praise for Return to Order — Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon USA (Ret.)

“This is a timely and important book as our nation faces one of the most critical challenges in its history. Overcoming the economic disaster America is facing cannot be solved simply through economic policy. Americans … Continue reading


When Greenspan Speaks, Shouldn’t Someone Be Listening?

It used to be said that when Alan Greenspan spoke, people listened. In fact, the speeches of this Federal Reserve Chairman used to rock markets worldwide. But today, a lot has changed. No one seems … Continue reading

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Choosing Christ Over Chaos: America Needs Fatima to organize over 5,000 Public Rosaries for Police

Contact: Robert E. Ritchie,     America Needs Fatima Tel.: 717-309-1990 Email: For Immediate Release Hanover, PA, July 14, 2016 – America Needs Fatima is pleased to announce that over 5,000 groups are preparing to pray … Continue reading


An American ‘Brexit’ to Nowhere: Three Questions Need Answers First

There is considerable excitement about the United Kingdom’s Brexit decision to leave the European Union. Many people rightly interpret the vote as a rejection of wrongheaded immigration policies, oppressive regulations and stifling bureaucratic rule from the … Continue reading

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