Christianity Greatly Favors the Welfare of the State

The beneficent action of the Church upon the State is described by Saint Augustine, who comments: “Let those who say that the teachings of Christ are harmful to the State find armies with soldiers who … Continue reading

Alone Together Families

The Family Cannot Be Substituted by the State

The child can have no better guardian than the family which watches over him more than any state agency can do. Carle Zimmerman notes: “The parent who prevents a baby from swallowing a safety pin, … Continue reading


Meet the man who has Americans talking and thinking at Books-A-Million

CHANDLER, AZ (Oct. 10, 2014) – Unlike many economic commentators, John Horvat II points out the direct correlation between the economy and moral values in his much talked about book, Return to Order: From a … Continue reading


Defining Organic Society

Organic society is a social order oriented toward the common good that naturally and spontaneously develops, allowing man to pursue the perfection of his essentially social nature. In this society, the family attains the plenitude … Continue reading

The Modern Plague of Unemployment

Respecting the Dignity of Man

It was not by chance that the Middle Ages was the first civilization in history to abolish slavery. Nor was it by chance that the Church ennobled and facilitated manual labor to the point that … Continue reading


Distinguished Authors to Share Insights on Socioeconomic Divisions

 John Horvat II and Norman Fulkerson will hold presentation Oct 19. CHANDLER, AZ (September 16, 2014) – Family, honor, faith and tradition are the most powerful tools Americans have to reclaim their great country from … Continue reading


A Return to the Rule of Honor

Throughout history, two sides, two economic outlooks, two lifestyles have long opposed each other as if engaged in constant combat. On the one side, there is the rule of money with a set of secular … Continue reading

Where Did Personal Debt Come From

Where Did Personal Debt Come From?

With literally trillions of dollars in personal debt now hanging over the American consumer, the question might be asked as to where all this debt came from. It has a long history. Buying on credit … Continue reading

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