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Six Ways to Challenge Our Materialism

Materialism holds that the only reality is that which we can physically perceive. All other considerations are subjective and unimportant. Such a perspective is a distortion of reality. The spiritual realities also have a major … Continue reading

Teaching Children Not to Come in From the Cold

At a recent holiday gathering, I was with some adults inside the house while the children were outside playing some team sport. It was bitterly cold but that did not seem to diminished the noisy … Continue reading

When Charity was Administered by the Church Not the State | Return to Order

The Church Favors Balance and Economic Prosperity

The Church has always favored economic prosperity. However, the Church also insists upon balance as can be seen by this excellent quote from Spanish writer Donoso Cortes. “Nor is it less absurd to suppose, as … Continue reading

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Unmasking Margaret Sanger’s Propaganda Campaign Against the Catholic Church

Margaret Sanger is one of those mysterious historical figures that are curiously immune from attacks of the left despite her statements that would be enough to damn anyone. Few figures were so politically incorrect by … Continue reading

The Real Issues Underlying the Dreamer Debate

The problem with the “dreamer” debate is that it has little to do with children or their dreams. Most of the “dreamer children” are now adults. On average, the 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action … Continue reading

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A Fedora for All Seasons: Does Using a Hat Matter?

by Byron Whitcraft On an extremely cold winter day a rather curious incident took place. The temperature was in the frigid teens and made all the more unbearable by a stiff wind. So, I was … Continue reading

Why the End of Malls Will Not Make Shopping Any Better

As the Christmas season ends, there is a general agreement that the age of malls is coming to a close. Retail sales are no longer dominated by the vast complexes of physical shops anchored by … Continue reading

The Marketing Boom of the Great Depression | Return to Order

Life in the Shadows

If the pace of life seems overwhelming, it might well be because we have assumed so many of the jobs once held by others. This is the position of Craig Lambert in his book, Shadow … Continue reading

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