Why Liberals Will Never Forget the Crimes of Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is in the news again. The popular fast food chain is facing the intolerance of those who disapprove of their past moral stands on issues. Tolerance is a one-way street. Virtue-signaling at Airports On … Continue reading

How Common Sense Beats Common Core – Thank God!

The Hoover Institution just issued two studies that should be keeping education policymakers up at night because they fly in the face of the ideology of American education. Many critical assumptions that underlay the “Common … Continue reading

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

Flames have gutted the famous cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. All the world was drowned in sorrow on this fateful Spring day. As the images of the collapsing spire spread across the globe, it … Continue reading

How Socialists Will Usher in a New Hell on Earth

Americans are a generous people ready to lend a hand to those in need. When God blesses us with prosperity, we naturally want to practice acts of charity to help the less fortunate. However, this charitable … Continue reading


Why the Church Honors the Blessed Virgin on Saturday

Traditionally the Sabbath, Saturday took on a different meaning after the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord. The first Holy Saturday was a time serious trials of Faith for the first disciples. The Blessed Virgin … Continue reading


Why Early Christians Adopted the Palm

Everyone is familiar with the gospel narrative of Christ entering triumphantly into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Less familiar, perhaps, is why the palm was used and why it was later adopted in Christian usage. The … Continue reading


How the Church Celebrates Palm Sunday

This article shows the true richness of the Church in commemorating our Lord’s triumphant Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, reflected in the various customs and traditions of each country. Imitating the crowd that strew … Continue reading

Why Do Rich People Now Want Less Screen Time?

There was a time, decades ago when the world was divided between those who were online and offline. Rich people could afford the shiny new gadgets that connected them with everyone. Poor people were left … Continue reading

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