Why Harriet Tubman Should Not Be on the Twenty Dollar Bill

It was only a matter of time before the politically correct establishment took aim at the nation’s currency. It is not enough that the value of the dollar should slowly decline toward monopoly money, it … Continue reading


Has Religion Caved In to the Cultural Revolution?

Among the writing of Church Fathers, Saint Augustine writes with great eloquence of the benefits the Church bestows upon society. Contrary to those in our days who see Christians as threats and intruders in the … Continue reading

The Amazing Power of Assimilation of Christian Civilization

Where Did the Idea of Organic Society Come From?

While some concepts of an organic order can be found in Plato or Aristotle, a more developed theory only came later. It is said that the book, The Policraticus, by John of Salisbury (1115?-1180) first … Continue reading


Tradition: Why It Matters

Some people associate tradition with old habits that are carried down over the years. Tradition is fine for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it has no real role in the modern world, which is constantly changing. … Continue reading


The Marvelous World of Our Lady’s Flowers

While modern men look for happiness in instant gratification, there was once a time in Christendom when men believed happiness came from a true understanding of the order of the universe. They saw the universe … Continue reading


Blasphemy and sacrilege are not free speech!

Satanists are allowed to hold a public “black Mass” and blaspheme the Blessed Virgin Mary on city property at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City on Monday, August 15, 2016. We cannot remain silent! This … Continue reading


Broken Trust: The Cause of Angry Politics

Everyone agrees that there is something different about today’s angry politics. The ordinary issues that have shaped the political debate for years have largely remained the same. The economy is still in bad shape, terrorism … Continue reading

Renaissance Bookstore

Return to Order in Milwaukee

On April 17, author John Horvat delivered a talk titled “The Fatima Message and the Fight for America’s Future,” at the monthly meeting of the Saint Gregory VII chapter of Catholics United for the Faith … Continue reading

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