The Power of Three Simple Words: We Want God

Modern political discourse is in a sad state today. Ideas are now crafted in sound bites, tweets and slogans to appeal to a world absorbed by the frenetic intemperance of instant messaging. Speech has become … Continue reading

Catholics Reject Satan Monument in Belle Plaine, Minnesota

Nearly 300 Catholics braved the noonday heat on Saturday, July 15, to prove that America is still a nation under God at the Veterans Memorial Park in Belle Plaine, Minn., and to protest the nation’s … Continue reading

Knowing What We Can’t Not Know

In a world where baby body parts are bought and sold and marriage has been redefined, it is urgent that we reaffirm that there are certain broad, moral truths that we can’t not know. It … Continue reading

Rosary Rally Against First Public Satanic Monument in US History

Contact: William Siebenmorgen, 501-358-9159 HANOVER, Penn., July 10, 2017 /Christian Newswire The city of Belle Plaine in Minnesota has authorized the placement of a Satanic “Bowl of Wisdom” provided by the Satanic Temple at the Veteran’s Memorial … Continue reading

Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

Conservatives often complain about the lamentable state of their movement. They would do well to look left. Liberals are in greater trouble, and they know it. The recent special elections for vacant House seats made this evident. … Continue reading

Selfies and Divorce in the Digital Age

Divorce is one of the ugliest words in the English language. Its specter haunts countless marriages. For the divorced couple, it is often a constant source of stress and financial strain. It marks affected children … Continue reading

Cardinal Zen Receives ‘Return to Order’

On June 12, Valdis Grinsteins, correspondent for the Polish magazine, Polonia Christiana, interviewed Joseph Cardinal Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong during his visit to Prague. They discussed the tragic situation of the Catholic Church … Continue reading

This Is the America I Celebrate on July 4th

Looking at the state of the nation, I wonder which America we are celebrating this July 4th. The nation is clearly divided, and thus many Americas appear. Not all are to be celebrated. This year has … Continue reading

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