Staying in Business in the Age of the Customer

A review of The Age of the Customer: Prepare for the Moment of Relevance by Jim Blasingame, (Florence, AL: SBN Books, 2014). A good book is one that provokes good questions in the mind of … Continue reading

Considerations on the Conversion of Saint Paul

As Saint Paul was struck off his horse, he was shaken by the turn of events when Our Lord asked him the question “Why persecutest thou Me?” In other words, open your eyes! Examine your … Continue reading

Why Do People Do Such Barbarous Things?

Hardly a day passes when some barbarous act does not jump to the headlines. Barbarous—there is no other word to describe these vile deeds. Thus, whether it be the sadistic torturing, terrorist beheadings, mass shootings … Continue reading

girl in cart self checkout

Three Reasons Why Self-Service Can Harm an Economy and Human Relationships

Self-service is often presented as the best of all buying options because it allows individuals to get the exact product they want quickly without interference from others. This increasingly means interfacing with some kind of … Continue reading

Return to Order Moment (AUDIO): What Does Saint Thomas Aquinas Say About Immigration?

Here is the latest “Return to Order Moment,” a short two-minute commentary by John Horvat II on the burning issues of the day. The show is based on the book, Return to Order: From a … Continue reading

Setting the Record Straight About Catholic History

A Review of Bearing False Witness -Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History by Rodney Stark – Templeton Press, 2016. If you are known to be an observant Catholic, then you have had this conversation. Some question … Continue reading

Why Catholics Cannot be Silent about Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

In the history of the Church, many martyrs died for the Faith. Starting with Saint Stephen the Protomartyr shortly after the Resurrection, they were the first to be remembered, venerated for their public witness and … Continue reading

The Charm of the Medieval Town

Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It?

There is the mistaken impression that for a modern economy to work efficiently, everything must be 24/7. Missing a beat is considered fatal to good business and economic productivity. All must be frenzied and hurried … Continue reading

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