Turning Vices into Virtues

So often it is heard that the public good is obtained when men look after their own interests. While there might be some degree of truth in the idea, the real change was one of … Continue reading

Our kids; Why their in trouble

Our Kids: Why They Are in Trouble

If there is any doubt about the failure of the sexual revolution of the sixties, Robert Putnam’s, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis  (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015) overwhelmingly puts such doubts to … Continue reading

Consumers Drowning in Debt

Consumers Drowning in Debt

Author James A. Roberts notes that consumers are in trouble because they have so many debt instruments. The average American consumer will have a total of thirteen credit obligations on record. Is Technology Ruining Your … Continue reading

Whats Wrong With Video Games?

What’s Wrong With Video Games?

By James Donlon* Are video games harmful in themselves?  Do they tear down or elevate our culture?  Should they be avoided altogether? Is Technology Ruining Your Life? Take A Quick Quiz To Find Out By … Continue reading

How Do We Return to Order

Defining Frenetic Intemperance

We can define frenetic intemperance as a restless, explosive, and relentless drive inside man that manifests itself in modern economy by 1) seeking to throw off legitimate restraints; and 2) gratifying disordered passions. Read the … Continue reading

The Charm of the Medieval Town

Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It?

There is the mistaken impression that for a modern economy to work efficiently, everything must be 24/7. Missing a beat is considered fatal to good business and economic productivity. All must be frenzied and hurried … Continue reading


Christianity Greatly Favors the Welfare of the State

The beneficent action of the Church upon the State is described by Saint Augustine, who comments: “Let those who say that the teachings of Christ are harmful to the State find armies with soldiers who … Continue reading


America’s Need for Leadership Provokes Book Giveaway

Conservative thought-leaders/authors unite with solutions for a hero-starved country CHANDLER, AZ (April 7, 2015) – Technology usurping human interaction. A bloated debt burden coupled with renewed and poisonous subprime lending. The nation’s diluted position as … Continue reading

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