The Psychological Rush of Email

The Psychological Rush of Email

While email can connect individuals with speed and facility, that is not the only reason why it is so popular. All of the billions and billions of emails that circulate around the globe are not … Continue reading


The Role of Gold in Medieval Money

Historically, gold was in very short supply in Europe and was hardly the basis for money. Thus, the role of precious metals in money was very limited as can be seen by the affirmation of … Continue reading


Values Voters Evaluate Return to Order

A booth with the book, Return to Order, was set up at the Values Voters Summit held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington D.C. on September 26-28, 2014. Nearly 2, 500 Americans from around … Continue reading


PA Author Brings Message to Scranton that will Fire up Families

   Meet John Horvat II September 28, at presentation and book signing SCRANTON, PA. (September 9, 2014) – The award-winning Pennsylvania author whose appearances across America are sparking a national discussion will share his much … Continue reading

Why Did God Establish Inequalities in Society?

Why Did God Establish Inequalities in Society?

Medieval men saw the inequalities that exist in nature as a cause of unity not division in society. Their realistic approach was far from the individualist mentality of the modern world that holds that each … Continue reading


NoPhone, No Problem

By William Gossett. At first glance, it is apparent that our culture is obsessed with technology. Countless customers wait outside of stores for days, for the latest version of the iPhone or whatever new product is … Continue reading


Where Did Lawyers Come From?

Before the advent of systematized law, there was no class of lawyers, professional legal literature or official judiciary. Law consisted of primitive rules embedded in society, religion and folk customs. Not even the Romans, famous … Continue reading


“The Unprecedented Crisis” in Law

The state of law today gives testimony to a general disregard for many of its basic precepts. This can be seen in the case of governors and attorney generals who refused to enforce laws as … Continue reading

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