The Family Always Existed

There are those who believe that the family is a relatively modern invention and thus we are free to change or redefine it at will. They are wrong. The truth of the matter is that … Continue reading


Knowing What We Can’t Not Know

In a world where baby body parts are bought and sold and marriage has been redefined, it is urgent that we reaffirm that there are certain broad, moral truths that we can’t not know. It … Continue reading


How Our Sense of Place Was Lost

The modern mania for movement and change contributes to an unsettled state of mind that manifests itself in a generalized loss of the sense of place. Facilitated by technology, Americans have become a restless people … Continue reading


‘Return to Order’ Discussed on Ocala Radio Show

On July 8, 2015, John Horvat appeared once again with Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane on their very lively radio talk show that airs on WOCA-AM 1370 in Ocala, Florida. During the half hour interview, the hosts … Continue reading


Why Advertising Fails to Satisfy Us

We can never satisfy all of our desires because everyday reality constantly presents obstacles that must be overcome. As a result, everyone knows that we must adjust our desires to reality, rather than the other … Continue reading

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Eight Ways to Cultivate the Heart and Soul of an Economy

Written by Dennis Best* A healthy economy is fundamental for a thriving society. Thus, the role of economics is to help maintain societal wealth and secure the means to more comfortable living for a people. … Continue reading

Can You Force People to Sin?

Five Ways the Same-Sex “Marriage” Movement Has Failed

The Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” took place with predictable media fanfare. There were endless scenes of jubilant promoters, doting commentators and kowtowing politicians. Everything was done to give the impression that the … Continue reading


We Are by Nature Dependent Upon Others

Such dependency is an important part of our personal development since we cannot perfect ourselves alone. We depend on community—especially the family, intermediary associations, and the Christian State—to supply our deficiencies and thus reach the … Continue reading

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