Nine Ways to Embrace the Sublime

Written by Dennis Best The concept of sublimity in the modern world has been so removed that most people struggle with even understanding it. Webster defines “sublime” as transcendent excellence, tending to inspire awe usually … Continue reading

Where Has the Music Gone?

A very tragic aspect of modern life is the decline of music as a popular art form. We are not saying that there is a lack of music. There is certainly plenty of music in … Continue reading

Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want the New Amazon HQ in Your Front Yard

When Amazon announced its search for a place to put its second headquarters, city and state officials started scrambling to offer the most generous terms possible. The promise of 50,000 jobs and an influx of … Continue reading

Praise for Return to Order — Daniel Harden, Ph.D.

“John Horvat has put together a compendium of good thinking about a lot of diverse subjects and integrated them into a coherent outline of a worldview. His integrated understanding of diverse human phenomena would be … Continue reading

A Time to Return to God: A Hurricane Story

As hurricanes passed over so many parts of the country, most people were thinking about the material damage that would ruin the lives of so many. However, there was a spiritual part to the disaster. … Continue reading

‘Return to Order’ at Life Tech Event

‘Return to Order’ at Life Tech Event

Return to Order is a book that criticizes the frenetic intemperance of modern life that throws off all restraint. In this sense, frenetic intemperance can be seen as a cause of abortion, which is often … Continue reading

The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

Any understanding of the obesity crisis in America must look at society as a whole. It does no good to simplify the matter as a problem of overeating. Beneath the surface of the obesity epidemic, … Continue reading

Why Everything Is Being Politicized

Why Everything Is Being Politicized

There is a new phase in the old Culture War. It has been long coming. The violence at Charlottesville might well be the opening volley. For decades, the two sides have been slogging it out … Continue reading

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