Lady Day 2019 Celebrates Purity and Courageous Motherhood

Every March 8, feminists observe the Communist-inspired International Women’s Day. They use this day to push abortion, transgenderism, and same-sex “marriage.” January’s shockingly vulgar March for Women is an example of this activism. The Catholic … Continue reading

A Bold Defense of Liturgical Tradition

A Review of Peter A. Kwasniewski’s Tradition and Sanity “A traditionalist is one who sees the Faith, in its inner structure, as something handed down to us, not something we invent, assess, and re-create by … Continue reading

Why Chivalry Is the Catholic Solution to Toxic Masculinity

“Toxic masculinity” is one of those trendy expressions that is intentionally left vague and emotional so that it might wreak havoc on society. Once limited to women’s studies department, the term has broken out of … Continue reading

How to Live a Life of Honor

The noted Catholic thinker, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira once observed that the decay of the Middle Ages occurred in the fourteenth century with a “transformation in mentality.” He explained that “Chivalry, formerly one of … Continue reading

Human Composting: The Ultimate Denial of the Soul

From time immemorial, people have buried the dead. Sometimes they even risked their lives to carry out this most basic duty. In times of persecution, for example, Christians put themselves in great danger to recover … Continue reading

When Social Activism Outweighs Good Grammar

For at least a half-century, there has been a cadre of highly trained men and women that appear to be on a mission to destroy our common culture. They are being paid with public dollars. … Continue reading

This is How Television Creates a Little Satanist Girl

A twenty-first-century version of an old character is coming back to television. Netflix is about to release their series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The Sabrina character has a long history. Understanding … Continue reading

Return to Order Report Card: How Does America Rate One Year After the Election?

Four Things That Should Be in the State of the Union Address

The Constitution suggests that the President inform Congress about the state of the Union from time to time. Under normal circumstances, the purpose of the speech should be to unify the country. However, in the … Continue reading

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