The Frenetically Intemperate Fifties: A Look at Twentieth Century America

In his book, Return to Order, author John Horvat described a spirit of unrestraint that dominated culture and economy, which he called frenetic intemperance. The following article is part of a series of articles written … Continue reading


The Three Conditions For a Christian To Be Both for God and Profit

There are those who claim that Christians cannot seek after money or profits. This is not true since God put material goods upon the earth to be used and traded. God wants us to prosper, … Continue reading

Perch_Rock_lighthouse_in_a_storm-by-Mike-Pennington copy

Returning to the Wellspring

As the stage is set for a great storm, our common peril forces us to look for a vision of life that will serve to unify the nation. We believe this vision will not be … Continue reading


‘Return to Order’ at the University of Mary

“First of all, let me say what an honor it is to speak at this university. As someone who is a devotee of Our Lady and who prays the rosary daily, I am thrilled to … Continue reading


Answering a Troubling Question: Man, Woman, or Whatever?

A friend of mine recently rejoiced because he had finally found a job after being unemployed for a few months. It was an engineering job with a good company comparable to the one he had … Continue reading


Three Facts that Show Millennials Are More Conservative Than You Think

There is a reoccurring myth in American politics that states that youth are generally extremely liberal. Conservatives are invited to write off the new generations until they mysteriously reappear later on their voter rolls when … Continue reading


Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should—What Kaepernick Doesn’t Get

The Colin Kaepernick controversy is symptomatic of our days. A major league football quarterback sits down during the national anthem as a protest. The liberals crown him a hero exercising his freedom to protest against … Continue reading


Ten Varieties of Wheat Thins: Is There Real Choice?

When reading the manuscript of the book Return to Order, one of the editors remarked that while he agreed with the book’s criticism of standardization, there are still plenty of choices out there. After all, … Continue reading

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