The Refreshing Return of the Fountain Pen

The Refreshing Return of the Fountain Pen

Just outside of Washington, D.C. an annual event takes place. Unlike most events in the nation’s capital, this one has nothing to do with government. In fact, one could attend all four days of this … Continue reading

The Advantage of Keeping the Economy Human

The Advantage of Keeping the Economy Human

Some people think of the new automated economy in terrifying and mechanical terms. In such a vision, machines reign supreme as they work tirelessly, silently and efficiently to maximize production and replace humans. Increasing automation … Continue reading

The Architecture that Feeds the Soul

The Architecture That Feeds the Soul

One of the delights of going to Holy Mass in a place which one has never before visited is the discovery of the church building itself. There is an inexpressible joy in walking into a … Continue reading

Why I Use the Word Catholic to Describe the Ideal Economy

The adjective Catholic is rarely employed to describe the ideal economy we need. Many would see its use as mere window dressing to make the free market appear a bit more compassionate. Everyone knows that … Continue reading

Anno Domini or Common Era?

Since about 1975, a sign of revolution has crept into American life. It is a quiet revolution, done without fanfare. To many, it may appear to be trivial. They likely bought into it because it … Continue reading

How John Dewey’s Theories Can Explain the Crisis of Catholic Catechesis

To say that there is a crisis in the world of Catholic catechesis is an understatement. Three generations of Catholic young people have been ill-served by the formation in the faith that they deserved but … Continue reading

The Influence of Monasteries on the Middle Ages’ Economic Boom

Henry Goodell, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, described how the medieval monks saved agriculture from decaying. Their accomplishments have left a legacy lasting 1500 years. He explains how they did it in the most … Continue reading

For the Love of Honor

The moving story of the last months of Col. Wesley Fox and his doctor who went “above and beyond the call of duty.” Honor is a very beautiful word that is used a lot but … Continue reading

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