stopping satan in oklahoma

Four Strategies Satan Uses Against Christian Order

A Christian order presupposes that we believe in Christ and His law. As a result, Christians organize all society in function of this law, and from this comes order and peace. A Christian society also … Continue reading

The Technologically Backward and Cold Romans

The Technologically Backward and Cold Romans

We are conditioned to believe that the Roman Empire was technologically superior to the Middle Ages in every way. This was far from true. Daily life in the winter was miserable in Roman times for … Continue reading

The Real Origins of the Industrial Revolution

Cobbler Shop Economics

I had just bought a pair of shoes at a large shoe outlet and within six months the heels were completely worn down. I lost the receipt and probably would have had a little trouble … Continue reading

The Myth of Consumer Choice

The Contradiction of Our Frenzied Lifestyles

In a world where everything is so rationalistic and well-organized, it seems a contradiction that people would seek after things like drugs, alcohol abuse, promiscuity, violence, extreme sports, intense music, violent video games and other … Continue reading


The Mysteries of the Food You Eat

If you’re an amateur cook like me, or just enjoy wholesome food, you’ve probably noticed that there’s something deeply wrong with the way much of our food is produced and processed. In today’s mass consumer … Continue reading


Praise for Return to Order — David S. Miller

“I am so impressed at how deeply Return to Order plumbs the American soul, and with 36 years of experience in the financial industry, I do appreciate how much our collective journey as a nation … Continue reading


When a Natural Credit System Prevailed

Many wonder how an economic system can survive without a massive interest bearing credit to facilitate trade and liquidity. Historian Fernand Braudel provides an interesting description of an interest-free flexible system in eighteenth century Europe. … Continue reading


When Institutions Decay

Niall Ferguson’s The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die is intriguing since the title reflects what should be an obvious connection: Social institutions do affect economies. The noted British historian’s latest book is … Continue reading

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