Why Banning Best Friends at School is Insane and Cruel

Why_Banning_Best_Friends_at_School_Is_Insane_and_Cruel_300 Why Banning Best Friends at School is Insane and Cruel

Why Banning Best Friends at School is Insane and Cruel

Just when it appears modern educators have reached the limit of their bizarre doctrines, they always seem to find something new. The latest trend is banning best friends at school. Even these most personal relationships must be controlled.

It was bad enough when enlightened educators turned childhood relationships upside down with their attack on “stereotypes.” Indeed, boys cannot be boys with other boys anymore. The boy stereotype is too aggressive and assertive for a snowflake world. Girls also cannot be girls with other girls anymore. The girl stereotype is considered too subdued.

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Children are further encouraged to break free from any pre-established order. They can now self-identify and fantasize as any real or imagined pronoun. At precisely the time when children are seeking certainties, they are taught there are none.

Targeting Best Friends

Best friends and bosom buddies are now targets. Such policies ignore the fact that in the search for affection and validation, the child needs strong peer friendships that extend beyond the family.

Intimate friends are needed to help children confide in others. Best friends build self-esteem and certainties; they do not harm development.

However, the equality police have now decreed that all bonds be made equal. The more progressive schools with no-best-friend policies seek to avoid feelings of exclusion. Ironically, such policies have emerged in very exclusive schools.

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Thomas’s Battersea, the school of 4-year-old Prince George in England, for example, will discourage the prince from having best friends. Banning best friends has been a growing trend both in Europe and America.

Avoiding Negative Feelings and Resentments

These educators argue that larger friend groups avoid negative feelings associated with the perception that one was left out. When every child is equally every other child’s friend, everyone supposedly feels equally happy. When a child celebrates a birthday, for example, he or she must invite everyone in the class or have no party at all.

Education becomes a matter of feelings and emotion. Everyone is encouraged to be artificially kind and inclusive. Any unequal treatment triggers feelings of resentment. This feel-good educational approach discourages preparation for dealing with the real world, which is not always kind and inclusive. It becomes the stage of a fantasy world that does not correspond to reality. No wonder college students now demand safe spaces and coloring books to cope with stressful university life.

This is a case of childhood’s end. Usually, the educational establishment has tightly controlled curricula or more general things involving childhood development. Control now extends to a child’s choice of friends. It becomes child abuse of the worst sort.

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Sanctity and Building Character: True Aim of Education

People forget that education involves not only the imparting of knowledge to children. Education above all consists of the building of character that will prepare children for the hardships of life.

The time in school should be spent helping the boy develop the certainties that will guide him for his whole life. The girl develops those qualities and charms that will be with her for her lifetime. Childhood games teach valuable social and negotiating skills to the young. Forming friendships of all intensities is part of the learning process.

Youth should be a time of carefree and chaste pleasures that gradually prepare the child to assume hardship and responsibilities. Children need their time of innocence to develop a non-cynical worldview that will guide them throughout their lives.

Moral Education Is Important

Above all, education should be oriented toward moral perfection and sanctity. An education without God does not make sense. A child’s natural tendency to imagine perfect and marvelous things naturally leads to God and a desire for Heaven.

When there is no teaching of right and wrong, education becomes a mechanical process that has no clear meaning or purpose. When there is no benevolent God which children can know, love and serve, the world becomes a cruel place devoid of providence.

The Impact That Religion Has on Education That Teachers Are Ignoring

Liberal educators have it all wrong. According to the bizarre leftist dogma, children must be free to express themselves differently as long as everyone is the same in the end. It is a cruel tyranny that spares not even those special and intimate relationships of the innocent child.

As seen on CNSNews.

  • Joe Right

    Seriously, liberals don’t have anything better to do than get rid of our best friends?

    • marlene

      A person would have to be deranged to be a leftard these days.

      • Dale McNamee

        And vile and evil also…

      • Dezri Dean

        By definition Liberalism is a mental illness.

        • JMC

          Actually, there’s a book that was written near the beginning of the 20th century by the title, “Liberalism is a SIN.” Read it; it’s frighteningly accurate in its predictions of where liberalism was believed likely to lead.

          • Star_Gazer_108

            Thank you, I just ordered it.

    • 1Bobby8

      That’s because misery loves company and liberals are the most miserable people on earth and they have no friends of there own.

    • worried parent

      Aah yes, but there is another sinister agenda working behind the scenes and which succeeds
      on secrecy and euphemisms, and depends on “good men doing nothing”.

      According to the long-term agenda of the Marxist Left, trying to bring about a fascist-style one-world-government – they are determined – by their own admission – to use a “dumbed-down” society as “pawns” – to DESTROY the importance of PARENTING by a Mother and a Father –
      by “re-educating”/hijacking children/uncoupling children from parental guidance – ’by pushing the Marxist Left-Wing and LGBT ideology under the guise of eg, “Safe Schools” programme. (for
      evidence, see “Transgenderism: A Leftist Weapon Against the Family” http://www.crisismagazine.com/2017/transgenderism-lefts-latest-weapon-family

      “The answer is well elucidated by J. Douglas Johnson in a recent essay for Crisis magazine. Johnson explains that the term “sexual revolution” was coined in the 1920s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an atheist psychiatrist in Sigmund Freud’s clinic who joined the Communist Party and referred to himself as a “Freudo-Marxist.” Reich staunchly believed in a Marxist utopia … whereby Western societies could be “hollowed out from within.” And the easiest way to accomplish this, he argued, was to spark a “sexual revolution” that would destroy the natural family.” [see also Prof. Gabriele Kuby who exposes the tactics in “Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykQFrW2Nkxo and https://www.amazon.com/Global-Sexual-Revolution-Destruction-Freedom/dp/1621381544 ].

      “Reich correctly surmised,” Johnson writes, “that the way to knock the props out from underneath the American family would be to condition Western man to see contraception,
      fornication, pornography, sodomy, etc. as perfectly normal and not unhealthy things.” Reich also urged implementation of sex education in schools as the best way to “divest parents of their moral authority.” (see the transposing of such ideology by Roz Ward , the founder of “Safe-Schools” in Australia – into Australian schools).

      “Fatherless families weaken ties to religious faith, in turn creating the fertile ground needed for the government to plant its totalitarian roots.

      “First the government destroys the family, then it “has no choice” but to step in to take the family’s place in the resulting chaos. Evil, but ingenious.

      • worried parent


        “This has nothing to do with helping confused children.” As Joy Pullmann writes at The Federalist, those kids are pawns, ‘acceptable collateral damage’ in the “culture war.” And the goal of the war is the obliteration of the family, of human nature, and of our society as we know it.

        “The ever-provocative Camille Paglia has pointed out that, throughout history, a society’s embrace of androgeny generally precedes civilizational collapse (consider
        ancient Greece ancient Rome, the Weimar Germany as just a few). Maybe we should
        start teaching history again. Or, we could just devote school time to gender-reveal ceremonies. Our choice.”

        The reason WHY this is so important is the fact that in the Pontifical Institute for the Studies on Marriage and the Family is a WARNING from Sister Lucia dos Santos, of Fatima (the then survivor of the three Children of Fatima) – that “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. The battlefield is
        the family. Life and the family.” It seems we are in thick of it right now.

        St. John Paul II warned: “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced…. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully.
        We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist (1976)

        However, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and
        pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear
        from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. (2 Chron 7:14)

        The ball is in our court.

        • Worried parent

          The push for same-sex-‘marriage’ is also part of the “Trojan Horse” agenda and is closely interwoven with the Marxist “Safe-Schools” programme under the guise of “anti-bullying” – to “soften-up” children’s attitudes to accepting corrupt lifestyles as normal. SSM activists claim that they want ‘equality’ ‘fairness’ and that ‘love is love’. .. and many people have swallowed this fabrication People who have remained awake know that EXISTING LAWS ALREADY provide all SSM activists are demanding: “All same or opposite sex de facto couples who have been together for 2 years (or in some cases less) are subject to the federal Family Court jurisdiction for resolution of property and maintenance disputes if their relationship ends. In 6 out of 8 States and Territories same or opposite sex de factos can choose to register their relationship as a civil union or as a domestic partnership on a relationships register. (see Legal Issues and Freedoms in SSM plebiscite version 19.9.17)
          Therefore ALL their claims COLLAPSES on the grounds of LOGIC
          AND on Legal grounds and that the State is not interested in anyone’s romantic inclinations.

          Therefore we must ask: what is the REAL agenda of the SSM activists?
          SSM activists themselves admit they are actually DEMANDING the APPROPRIATION of the LABEL of MARRIAGE. So WHY is this LABEL so
          important? Again, it is the “Trojan Horse” into a sacrosanct area of family and Marriage – by which they can destroy Marriage by reducing it to a mockery.

          see: The Danger of “Gender”: The shaking up of sexual identity is a prelude
          for totalitarian ideologies. ·
          see: APOSTASY – How Suppression of Truth about God led
          to Depravity and Suppression of Truth about Marriage and Family
          see: Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Attack on marriage and family from “atheist,
          neo-Communist world”

          In addition to Denmark, Sweden and more than 16 other countries, Ireland
          also voted in a referendum to legalise homosexual unions as “marriages.” According to “American Free Press” (issues June 8 and 15) – what was NOT reported by the mainstream press regarding the vote in Ireland:
          “Those who campaigned for tradition and decency were up against millions
          of US dollars being poured into the “Yes” campaign. The mass media pushed for
          the legalization of homosexual marriage. ” The way “democracy” is
          manipulated nowadays, the true will of the people doesn’t have a chance” AND with NO SAFEGUARDS for democratic rights to FREE SPEECH implemented.

          Could this be the “abomination” that Daniel speaks about?
          “The day is coming when you will see what Daniel the prophet spoke …. So when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it should not be (Mark 13:15 and 24:15)

          This is just one reason de Montfort stressed, “Devotion to Mary is especially necessary in the latter times.”

        • PatriotGal

          Yes, it is! You should see, “Let There Be Light”…just the opening scenes support your statements. The antheist professor proclaims for sex, drugs, etc., and the libs in the audience – mostly young college kids, scream in support. We saw it yesterday and it was a truly good film with Christian values galore.

  • marlene

    The vile NWO are isolating our children, for no good reason, but for everything that will turn them into lonely, compliant slaves of the State. Void of any competitive nature, they will become insured to the false ideology that others come before them – but not in God’s sense of “dying to self.” While they’re turning robots into “people,” it’s like they’re turning people into robots. These children will grow up without the necessary emotional component of compassion, empathy, a sense of belonging to anything other than the State, and will make terrible parents unable to nurture their own children, who will by that time belong entirely to the State. THIS is the agendas of the UN and the global oligarchy – their final solution. It’s satanic, and they are all satan’s disciples.

  • Schafer Knostman

    I agree that children should be free to have best friends. But, this article seems to misconstrue the issue. There is no actual policy in place to keep kids from having best friends: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/news/celebrity-news/prince-george-best-friend-school-536244

    But, the principal of Thomas’s Battersea does have sympathies toward such a policy.

  • Tony

    It is of the greatest importance to know that these people are not liberals or progressives or any of the other names they’ve invented or hijacked to cover their real identity. They are communists, and what you’re seeing has a name: “Cultural Marxism.” This form of communism was created by Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist theorist who died in 1937 or thereabouts. His theory–of attacking all of Western civilization’s essential cultural institutions, beginning with the Catholic Church,–was taken up, and brought to the U. S., by the Frankfurt School and later expanded by Saul Alinsky. I know this firsthand. I was a communist for three years in the late ’70s to early ’80s, and was “on the street” when I was told by a local Communist Party agitator that we were no longer to call ourselves “communist agitators,” but that we were “going inside the system” and were now to call ourselves “progressives,” “liberals,” “community organizers,” anything but what we were: communist agitators. If we don’t start calling these people out publicly for what they are, then very soon it will be “game over.”

    • George DeBear

      Thanks for telling it like it is and for switching sides to begin with!

    • Marie Halligan

      Fair play to you Tony and thanks for the explanation! I agree, it’s nothing to do with conservative, liberal nor Labour any more because they have all been infiltrated and they are all as bad as each other, they just go at it in different ways! The only good way now is to ensure one’s Christian faith informs one’s politics and vote that way e.g, the pro-life candidate and never mind labels! We do need to cop on and realise that we are being manipulated and lied to! We need to look beneath appearances and judge the long term behaviour to know who people and institutions and agencies really are!

    • lukas tobing

      Soeharto (Indonesian dictator) is corrupt and murderous but sadly he’s right about danger of communism (which includes modern progressivism nowadays)

    • JMC

      Praise God you woke up. Too many of our peers from those days haven’t, and they’re the folks in control of our government now. In the end, Joe McCarthy was right…he just got a little carried away. Because even Communists are protected by the very constitution they seek to destroy…and they know it.

  • George DeBear

    They forcing the kids into a “clandestine relationship” since besties are inevitable. It’s a mini “French Resistance” or underground culture. Seems harmless when talking about best friends but what about when it gets extrapolated to the next God-knows-what level?

  • Sgt. York

    My best friend in school and I decided to enlist in the military,he went to the Marine Corp while I went to the AF. He served two tours in Viet Nam wounded twice and we never had much contact after that. Then years later I received a email he had a stroke in a VA hospital and was in a nursing home in Kansas,so I went to see him. He didn’t know me but that didn’t make any difference as Ozz was still the Ozz that I had known for years. We,my wife and I left and in three weeks later he passed. You can bet I’m damned glad I went to see him to renew the friendship we had thru all those years.

    • Mr. Manfredgensenden

      Thank you, and Ozz, for your brave service, SIR!

    • lukas tobing

      semper fi

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Just because the Libs don’t have enough morality, integrity or personality to have best friends, then NO ONE should, right? IDIOTS!

  • Alphonso: Pre-Vatican 2 Rigid


    None of my best friends are liberals, progressives or secularist humanists.

    And, if any of them complain about it, all I can say is: “I’m not for everyone.”

  • M Stella

    Liberals eat too much or drink not enough or.. vice versa….what next? “unisex” dresses for all mankind?

    • Margaret

      “Unisex” dressing has been around for 40+ years. Most women today wear jeans, slacks etc just like men.

      When I was on an Ignatian retreat some years ago, the priest told us (it was a ladies’ retreat) about a study done in the 70s. Men were shown 2 pictures: one of a lady dressed modestly in a skirt & blouse vs a woman dressed in pants. Question: What do you first notice about these women?

      The first thing the men noticed about the woman dressed in slacks was her “below the belt” area, while the first thing they noticed about the lady dressed modestly was HER EYES. Quite a big difference.

      Abortion is usually the final result of “failed” contraception, and contraception (as well as dressing immodestly) is a result of breaking the 6th and 9th Commandments.

      The crisis in purity won’t end until men set the example and start dressing modestly (Professor Brian McCall has a great article on modesty for men) and insist that women dress modestly. Christian Order had 2 great articles a few years ago on the irreplaceable role of men leading the family in prayer and taking kids to church. If we want our children to stay in the Catholic Faith, then men have to step up to the plate.

      • lford

        Right you are that men need to lead the family, which is why the “left” has sought to minimize, reduce, and ridicule the male role in society, beginning with male children in schools where they must now take secondary roles to the girls. Just look at the way men and fathers are portrayed in most TV commercials and programs, i.e., as the dunce of the family, whereas the wife and women are portrayed as all-knowing, all-powerful, etc. I could go on with other examples, but you know what I mean.

    • JMC

      They’ve already tried that, several times, in fact…it fell flat every time, because men refused to wear them.

  • AlmostAlwaysRight1

    Just one more bit of evidence–as if it were needed–of the pathology that is contemporary liberalism. We cannot fix them; they cannot BE fixed. (And, of course, they do not see that they are part of the problem.) We can only do what we can to frustrate and defeat them at every turn.

    • JMC

      You just got one thing wrong there. They’re not part of the problem…they ARE the problem! ;D

  • KareemAbdul

    Folks: Don’t just get upset.
    Want to do something? Pray the Rosary. Daily.

    There is no sharper item in the toolbox.

  • DavidMacko

    The Jew Communist Karl Marx promoted “public” i.e. government education as the tenth plank of The Communist Manifesto. We will not be free until we abolish the public schools. It is more important even than repealing the Marxist federal income tax and the Marxist federal reserve systems. Enough intelligent people will be able to accomplish those vital goals in a decade if they are not brainwashed and deChristianized by the government schools.

  • Capt_J@sea

    Who are these people who decide these things, and why do we have to fall in line with their demands?

    Is it not possible to tell these people to f*** off and mind their own business?

    These Leftoid/PC-bot dicta are only personal/professional opinions. Last I heard, this was a country that espoused freedom of speech and thought. In other words, your opinions and mine are as valid as theirs and we have a right to live our lives in accordance with ours.

    Churchill firmly believed that Socialism inevitably spawns a State Police/Gestapo and it’s looking as though he was spot on.

  • SantasCominToTown

    It’s a fact, children and young ppl have become more depressed increased social anxiety, higher suicide rates bcs of less human interaction with not only their parents but actual close friends, most spend time in their rooms texting on their cell phones…now, the few that may have close friendships, best to cut those out and make it avoided by these young ppl…Put some more GAS on the FIRE Libby’s…par for the course.

  • traveler

    They don’t want children to have best friends and to accept everyone at the same level, that way they will have to accept any crazy, distorted or evil identity that comes into the group, such as homosexuality, social experimentation, sexual role distortion, etc. Best friends can reinforce values for each other, can make protected or reinforced mental positions which may not match the agenda of the NWO elites. If you can’t pick your friends ie. people who are similar to you, have the same ideals and values or experiences, you will have much less resistance to the distortions promoted by the NWO. It is amazing the level of lies and subtlety the diabolical agendists are willing to go to…

    • JMC

      Additionally, best friends stick up for each other. They PROTECT each other. They don’t want people willing to protect each other; they want people who will only be interested in protecting themselves. It’s already gotten to where you have to think two or three times before you jump in to rescue a potential crime victim…because at the very least the criminal might sue you; at worst, you’ll end up in jail yourself for assault!

  • Prolifedem6M

    I expect it to be almost impossible to prevent children from gravitating to each other as special friends. I have no problem with inviting everyone to a birthday party, but how are they going to stop kids from hanging out with each other?

    • MaryB435

      By being nosy busybodies and attempting to micro-manage everyone’s lives. That’s what liberals do.

  • Christina

    I have two nieces in fifth grade. “No best friends” was a school rule when they were in preschool. So this has been going on under the radar for quite a while. I said then, and still think, this is preparing them for the “hook-up” culture which has become so prevalent. Sad.

  • Vapor Trails

    While I haven’t seen first-hand the “no best friends” proclivity, I have seen the “everyone or no one gets invited to your birthday party” syndrome. The way around this is easy. We have a class list of those who are willing to allow others to contact them – it is put together by the teacher or “room mom”. It is sent out to other parents on the list by request. We always get this list, plus, as a baseball coach, I have access to the list of parents of boys on my baseball team, most of which are in my son’s class. We contact those on both lists if my son wants them to be at his party, the others, we don’t. He gets to invite those he wants at his party, & we don;t have to go through the school. Problem solved.

  • Meowhiss

    They can try but they cannot stop these bonds from developing.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    Duh, to effectively do that ban, favouritism (a common human trait) would also have to be effectively banned, which is impossible.

    • JMC

      But that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

  • Marie Halligan

    I remember being forced to sit next to kids I din’t like much at infant and junior school,but at playtime we were allowed to play with who we liked! Are they now going to try to force kids to play with other kids they don’t like or get on with? It’d be a disaster! Even adults can’t force themselves to like everyone equally! I always told my son that is OK not to like someone, because not everyone is nice BUT don’t be cruel to anyone.If kids are forced to play with each other then even the nicest child would end up being angry with the ones they don’t like!Children would end up feeling more lonely as well, being kept away from the other kids they DO like and get on with! This is pure madness!

  • PatriotGal

    Makes it easier for pedophiles (especially in education) to “pick off” our kids by isolating them from BFF.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    Liberals show themselves more and more to have a very strong, solid, vicious criminal core. It’s a fact that all criminals and the abusers of all types when they are grooming their victims will work tenaciously in isolating their targets from any and all close relationships especially the more healthy ones.

    These liberal vipers shout out loud their “community” slogans and community-this and community-that but the only community they seek is the community of isolation, brainwashing, zombiefication and demonic sin. This goes to show how inmmensely precious and powerful good friendships are and how much Satan is working to destroy them because they are a big, major threat to his heinous, repulsive kingdom.

  • Like so much of the progressive agenda, this reminds me of Brave New World. In the world of that novel, people were strongly discouraged from forming stable couples or other exclusive relationships. This was part of the ideology summed up in the dogma, “Everyone belongs to everyone else.”

    • Phil Alcoceli

      You’re right. If “everyone belongs to everybody else” we belong to nobody because we would all be nobodys. When “everyone belongs to everyone else” we are a faceless, anonymous herd and have no identity and we are prime to have a false identity imposed on us. We are somebody only in good relationships whether with the True God and/or quality, ethical, principled or godly people. Now that is a true community.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    Liberals show themselves more and more to have a very strong, solid, vicious criminal core. It’s a fact that all criminals and the abusers of all types when they are grooming their victims will work tenaciously in isolating their targets from any and all close relationships especially the more healthy ones.

    These liberal vipers shout out loud their “community” slogans and community-this and community-that but the only community they seek is the community of isolation, brainwashing, zombiefication and demonic sin. Their “community” is the community of the brain-dead.

    This goes to show how inmmensely precious and powerful good friendships are and how much Satan is working to destroy them because they are a big, major threat to his heinous, repulsive kingdom. Take the pointer and foster good, reliable, high quality friendships and connections in yourself and your children and associates. Remember: “A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 -NASB). Jesus-God is the third strand in all good relationships. Keep Him there!!!

  • JMC

    The modern leftist agenda seems to be striving to deny man’s natural tendencies. The natural tendency is for a male to be drawn to a female and female to be drawn to a male. It’s also natural to be repulsed by the very idea of same-sex relationships. Yet that natural reaction is vilified as “homophobic.”
    The choice of such a term itself has a point, though I think it’s pretty much been forgotten now. Back in the 1970s, when the homosexual agenda was first beginning its push, there was a pseudo-theory that the natural aversion, even a feeling of disgust, at the very thought of sodomy was rooted in a subconscious fear that one might have leanings in that direction. Hence, homophobia. The word was originally a taunt, a dare. It meant, come on, admit it; you’d really like to try it yourself, wouldn’t you? You can’t stand having us around you because it makes you think about it. And so on. Those who eschew logic presented those of us who embrace it with an impossible argument, because it’s logically impossible to prove a negative. The best you can to is to prove an opposing truth. But when there is supposedly no objective truth… You see where this is going.

    • JMC

      Sorry. Got sidetracked there. My point to this “denying man’s natural tendencies” was to point out that it’s natural for people to have favorites. We have favorite colors, favorite styles, favorite TV shows…and favorite people. Now that people have been thoroughly terrorized against admitting a natural revulsion at the idea of certain vices, now we must be taught that the concept of favorite people is a form of bigotry. To be honest, I’m afraid to ask the classic question, “What’s next?” Because I’m afraid to find out.

  • I’ve often wondered to what extent it’s true that children *have* friends at school…I remember several kids I called friends, but when I remember those relationships, they’re not what I’d call friendship as an adult. They were acquaintanceships. They weren’t even collegial. They were just non-aggression pacts. Real friendships didn’t start till we were teenagers.