Why the Modern World Wages War on Accents

Why the Modern World Wages War on Accents

One marvel of language is the accent. Accents reflect the influence of regions and local populations on individuals. Picturesque expressions are conveyed by rich inflections and tones. Indeed, accents are part of the poetry and spice of life. An accent also serves as a sign of identity. It communicates the joy of being who one … Read more

Six More Expressions that the Media Are Outlawing

Language is a powerful weapon in the hands of the media. Words and expressions convey ideas that reflect a culture, morality and worldview. Liberal media have long used their position of power to change language and impose their distorted worldview upon America. As part of its orientation to writers, the Associated Press (AP) regularly tweets … Read more

The Madness of Woke Ideology Now Denounces ‘Linguistic Racism’

One sign of modern society’s frenetic intemperance is its eagerness to turn perfectly innocent – even necessary – actions into grievances. The tactic keeps the ground constantly shifting.  Eventually, the acceptable action becomes anathema. For example, the United States has long helped immigrants integrate into American society by teaching them English. Learning new languages is … Read more

The “Jennerization” of Language: Say Goodbye to He and She

Return to Order The “Jennerization” of Language: Say Goodbye to He and She

The “Jennerization” of America continues apace. The major battlegrounds now are the country’s schools. This time language itself has become the target. As published in the Daily Mail, students and staff at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville received a memo advising them to avoid referring to anyone’s gender. The announcement came complete with a … Read more