The Three Conditions For a Christian To Be Both for God and Profit

The Three Conditions For a Christian To Be Both for God and Profit

“God wants us to prosper”

There are those who claim that Christians cannot seek after money or profits. This is not true since God put material goods upon the earth to be used and traded. God wants us to prosper, since He is a good and almighty God that takes care of those who love Him.

However, certain conditions govern the Christian’s use of goods. Samuel Gregg in his latest book, For God and Profit, succinctly outlines three conditions. He states that “a Christian can indeed by for God and for profit—provided that God comes first and that the profit realized through finance is (1) understood as a means to an end, (2) never seen as an end in itself, and (3) used to serve rather than diminish, what Christians understand as human flourishing” (Samuel Gregg, For God and Profit: How Banking and Finance Can Serve the Common Good, The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2016, 12).

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  • Camillus Kassala

    For God and Profit reminds of the parable Jesus used: the parable of the talents. Those two who made profit, doubled the amount they were given and gave it to their creditor, were welcomed into His Kingdom. But the one did not invest for profit, even the little he was given was taken away from him!