Satan Club for Children Triggers 103,000 Protests

Picture-for-Press-Release-300x100 Satan Club for Children Triggers 103,000 Protests

Parents and concerned citizens are pushing back and are gathering for a prayerful and peaceful protest against the Satan Club.

Parents are deeply concerned about an After School Satan Club that targets children as young as five scheduled to open at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma, Washington, on Wednesday, December 14.

“No one wants this club; we don’t want a group that identifies itself with Satan to have access to our children,” said Jennifer Droubay, a mother whose child goes to the school.

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Parents and concerned citizens will be gathering for a prayerful and peaceful protest against the Satan Club in front of Point Defiance Elementary School on December 14, from noon to 1:00 PM.

More than 103,000 signatures have been collected online in opposition to the Satan Clubs for children. The petition can be seen here:

America’s first After School Satan Club sponsored by the Satanic Temple was opened on November 16 at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, despite numerous complaints, protests and rosary rallies organized by parents, teachers and local Catholics.

When the Satanic Temple announced its plans to open Satan Clubs in elementary schools across the country, many people were in shock and disbelief. But reality is now sinking in. And parents are pushing back. “It is just bringing a lot of anxiety to our school,” parent Carolyn Carbajal told The News Tribune. “I don’t see how it is beneficial to any of our students’ families.”

The advance of Satanism in America has suffered setbacks. A satanic Black Mass at Harvard University was canceled in May of 2014 due to public protest. Hundreds of college students, joined by tens of thousands of God-loving Americans, vigorously opposed it.

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America Needs Fatima invites everyone who loves children and abhors Satan to join a peaceful prayer rally in front of Point Defiance Elementary School on Wednesday, December 14, at 12:00 noon.

For more information, call America Needs Fatima at 888-317-5571.

  • Joe DeCarlo

    These liberals are completely idiotic. Satan is associated with evil. Why would you want to children to associate with Satan?
    We need to remove the liberal ideology from our schools. We can see what they produce. College students who can’t handle Trump being pres. The numskull professors set up “safe spaces” hand them coloring books, etc. They are treating them like kindergardeners. And they are acting the part.
    These petulant babies will be our leaders in the future. I can’t wait!

  • FedUp2

    Evil has always been with us, but this targets our most vulnerable children – easy prey for him. We did a good start with voting down the Clinton Machine, and hopefully we will usher in a new era of religious freedom and stamp out this kind of evil for good. The devil never sleeps – are we going to wake up??

  • Toni Tippin

    Parents need to wake up. Complain to school heads, the mayor and the governor.
    The First Amendment is being used for evil.
    Many schools do not allow prayer; instead they allow satanist to teach.
    This is unbelievable!!!

  • Jerryb53

    “It is just bringing a lot of anxiety to our school,” parent Carolyn Carbajal told The News Tribune. “I don’t see how it is beneficial to any of our students’ families.” There is the problem. Lame opposition to these Satan Clubs. This statement comes from a bimbo. “It is just bringing a lot of anxiety to our school,” “I don’t see how it is beneficial to any of our students’ families.” What kind of timid opposition is this. Parents should be outraged and go to the school and demand that this never happen or they will pull their kids out of school and will protest outside of the entrance every single day until this club is shut down. Yes Rosaries need to be said but forceful outrage needs to be shown. If my kid went to that school I would the principle would get an earful. Where is the Town Board? Do they approve of it. If so then go after them. If they do nothing go after the County then the Federal Board of Education and let them know this will not happen.

    “I don’t see how it is beneficial to any of our students’ families.” GEEZ what a lame and timid response. Makes me sick.

    • Celso Costa

      Jerry, you are the one who pointed out the real problem: evil only progresses on the weakness of the good. Our country has divorce, abortion, homosexual “marriage”, socialist laws, satanic clubs and you name it, because those who are against this culture of death are not strong enough. Let’s pray hard and act accordingly, so our country will return to order!

      • Jerryb53

        Amen to that brother.

  • Salvatore Buttaci

    So many parents today have turned their backs away from God, opting to keep their children out of church doors as well. They leave vulnerable those little ones whom Jesus especially loved. The secularists are growing exponentially into the wicked hands of Satan but are too blind, self-centered, and proud to realize it. God help America!

  • TalkTruth

    It’s interesting to note, that these schools won’t recognize and allow God in the public square, but will recognize and allow Satan? Aren’t these parents paying for these public schools with their property taxes? God, prayer, principles, and virtues have been pushed out and now Satan has been raised up, embraced, and welcomed in as a viable alternative? Truly, America has lost her way from her Judeo-Christian heritage.

  • Linda

    People get what they ask for. The thought that any of us can control anything because of our ‘wants’ is the problem. I’ve heard the term ‘frenetic intemperance’. Is this not what is happening? Even in the crime…and political viewpoints, as well as the disobedient behaviors and lack of respect in one another and in our children we reflect this attitude ultimately toward God. I think He is stepping back and letting us have our way. Only He can heal and save us from the nonsense once we recognize our inability to control society and one another.
    He will do it because He said He will.

  • Clint Ramsey

    It’s hi time we get rid of political correctness and remember and realize that Jesus gave all true Christians power to run off all evil
    In His name
    Never argue with satan simply order him and his buddies out and back where they came from.

  • pixie43

    Well I’m starting the Prayer now.

    Sovereign God, YOU are an AMAZING God who continues to love us ALL even when we are lukewarm in our response to you.
    We humbly ask that you empower with your Holy Spirit more people to stand up + fight tooth + nail against this blatantly deceitful design on the spiritual welfare of our beloved children.
    We thank you for being the Lord who Saves.
    May your Kingdom Come.
    In Jesus Mighty Name We Pray,

  • Toni Tippin

    Does anyone know if the satanists are actually in schools?
    The First Amendment is used for evil.
    Hopefully, parents are smart enough to keep their children away from these creepy people.

  • Pyara Chauhan

    I am all for freedom in this country, but when people sink low enough to ruin the lives of five year olds by indoctrinating them, it is past time that some action was taken. To my knowledge the Satanists are a very minor section of the population. How come the majority has to suffer heartache silently and allow abuse of the innocents to continue? Any ideas?

  • Angelina

    Have mercy on this people’s souls life isn’t a joke Following Christ is the most important thing you can have in your life.

  • salesgirl

    Jesus Himself said, “Only prayer and fasting will cast out this kind.” Prayer, especially Our Lady’s Rosary, fasting sacrifices and Study our Bible and Catechism – and act accordingly. We have been disrespecting God in His own house. Time to get serious about First Commandment – whole heart mind soul and strength. Amen. Then you’ll see some fiery responses to this evil!