5 Reasons to Reject the Satanic Temple

Founded in 2013, the Satanic Temple (TST) has been paving the way for Satanism in America and is constantly attempting to break the barriers of horror that Americans still have for the devil in the following ways:

1. Scheduled a Public Black Mass at Harvard Campus

In 2014, TST was set to stage a Black Mass at Harvard University. This is a mockery of the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and commonly involves the desecration of the Holy Eucharist. Even the university admitted in a statement that this event was ‘flagrantly disrespectful and inflammatory’ against the Catholic Church. Protests eventually dissuaded the Satanists from performing the blasphemous ritual at Harvard, though they moved the event elsewhere.
(Source: LifeSiteNews.com)

2. Is Seeking to Install a Baphomet Statue to Counter Ten Commandments Monument

The same year, TST commissioned a statue of a half-goat, half-man demon, Baphomet, seated on a throne and flanked by adoring children. Intended to be put at the Oklahoma State Capitol in response to a Ten Commandments there, the Satanists turned later to Arkansas, where they are attempting a similar strategy to get the Decalogue removed…or else share ground with a demon.

Besides this, TST and its ‘allies’ have also put up “Christmas” monuments in honor of the devil last year in Illinois, Michigan, and California. TST also created a Satanic “veteran’s monument” named after Baphomet and attempted to put it up in Michigan in 2017 as a response to a monument that featured a soldier kneeling in front of a cross.
(Source: LifeSiteNews.com)

3. Promoting Satanism in Schools

Also in 2014, Satanists began a campaign to hand out literature promoting Satanism to school children in the State of Florida. In 2016 it launched its “After School Satan Clubs” in at least three public schools across America (Washington, Oregon, and Utah).

Begun as a means to counter Christian groups at public schools, the Satan clubs targeted children as young as three. The groups are meant to be an alternative to groups that teach fear of God, Sin and morality. “We prefer to give children an appreciation of the natural wonders surrounding them, not a fear of everlasting other-worldly horrors,” its website explains.
(Source: AfterSchoolSatan.com)

4. Public Satanic Invocations at Town Hall Meetings

TST performed invocations at official town hall meetings promoting Luciferian secularism in Florida and Alaska, and has attempted to coerce small towns with lawsuits or accusations of discrimination if they do not allow Satanic invocations.

TST is currently targeting the City Councils of Scottsdale (Arizona) and Boston for not inviting Satanic speakers to give an invocation.

These invocations, which claim to be atheistic, often attack Christian ideals and invariably end with the “officiant” proclaiming: Hail Satan!
(Source: BostonGlobe.com)

5. Fighting for Abortion and Promoting Homosexual ‘Marriage’

TST openly supports abortion and homosexuality. It has been working to end ‘informed consent’ restrictions. The co-founder and spokesman of TST, Doug Mesner (who also goes by “Lucien Greaves”), said: “We feel we should protect women from superfluous procedures like the transvaginal ultrasound, with [a] religious exemption” for Satanists who want an abortion.

Regarding homosexuality: “‘One of the things we felt strongly about is gay rights,’ Greaves said… ‘To us, [homosexual] marriage is a sacrament. We recognize it, and we think the state would have to recognize the marriage on religious liberty grounds.'”
(Source: LifesiteNews.com; emphasis added)


While Satanism pushes its ugly face into society, it also tries to make itself acceptable by appearing normal to the public by its demonstrations.

A documentary promoting the group, titled Hail Satan?, attempted to normalize the group by presenting all such acts in a positive light. Penny Lane, the director of Hail Satan?, said:

“… We knew we weren’t going to show… the ritual-type images without providing context as to what those rituals really mean to the people who are participating in them. That was a foundational idea. We wouldn’t just show you upside down crosses and not explain why, for a Satanist, blasphemy is a sort of tool, a personal liberation. Why they take these images from Christianity and destroy or subvert them…

“It’s just a really inspiring film for a lot of people…”
(Source: BirthMoviesDeath.com)

The goal is clear. They are attempting to make Satanism appear normal and acceptable.

Satanist are not simply people who do things differently. Their offensive and even blasphemous attacks must be rejected. We must counter the Satanic attacks against God and fight to preserve the honor and dignity of our country from this attempt to break down the barriers of horror that still surround Satanism.

To dismiss the satanic acts as a simple publicity stunt is to IGNORE the grave nature of this sin and its consequences. To allow or invite Satan into a community, home or soul is NO joke. It’s a terrible sin that brings devils to the earth and provokes God to withdraw His graces and blessings.