About Colonel Ripley

Thank you so much for signing our petition urging the U.S. President to honor the valor of the late Marine Colonel John Ripley.

Finding Our Knight 2His life is truly amazing, and what you read in the petition’s description only touches the surface of a man who was a hero in his military and private life.

There is no room to mention his early childhood, when he first became interested in his military career, or his strong devotion to his Faith.

Besides this, he took on the United States Congress urging them to keep the honor of the military clean by not allowing the changes that favored homosexuality in the military.

There is so much more I could say. But no one says it better than my colleague, Norman Fulkerson, who was a personal friend of Col. Ripley. He wrote the hero’s biography An American Knight: the Life of Colonel John Ripley.
(Norman is pictured above, at left, with the Colonel)

You will be truly impressed by the character and fiber of this American legend. And I’m offering you a digital copy of the book FREE OF CHARGE!

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I hope you like this as much as I did. Thank you again for signing our petition. Hopefully Col. Ripley will at last receive the recognition and gratitude he has long deserved.

I remain,


Thank you so much for showing your rejection of the advances of Satanism!

P.S. If you prefer a print copy of An American Knight, you can purchase it by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you.