Your Free Copy of the Return to Order Workbook is on Its Way

Return to Order addresses the root causes of the nation’s moral decay: the breakdown of the family and community, the hectic lifestyles, the frenzied activity of economic markets and the abuse of technology and social media, and the turning away from God and His Law.

The book offers a solution: a return to those God-given institutions and principles that naturally regulate society and put it back in balance. This presupposes a practice of the cardinal virtues and a great love of God. Return to Order explains the principles of what is called an organic Christian society, where people tend more towards what is spiritual and sublime. It is not enough to merely seek economic solutions to today’s problems. One must get to the core of the matter by satisfying the spiritual appetites that give meaning and purpose to life.

The book is the fruit of twenty years of research and hard work. It has won eleven awards, and has over 300,000 copies in circulation.