Thank you for signing up to defend our police!

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for making a public stand for our police. Your banner should arrive shortly. If you have any questions or concerns, please call: 844-830-3570

You can also support your local police by giving them Saint Michael Medals.

Police officers love Saint Michael. I know from firsthand experience: our volunteers have been giving these to police across the country for years, and not one has been turned down.

CLICK HERE to get deeply discounted Saint Michael’s medals for the police

On one side is Saint Michael, depicted as a knight. The image is based on a statue at Mount Saint Michael in France, the site where the holy angel commanded a church to be built back in 708 AD.
On the other side is a simple prayer “Saint Michael, protect me!” to remind the police to always call on the help of God’s ministers.

It is a simple and touching way to remind law enforcement that you care about them.

Order your Saint Michael’s Medal for the police

Mi-Cha-El is the angel’s name given in the Bible, and means “Who is like God?”

This is what the holy archangel said when Lucifer and his devils tried to overturn creation and revolted against God’s order. Michael immediately stood firm for the truth and expelled the evil spirits.

In a certain sense, the police have the same role. When criminals and rioters put themselves and their disordered ideology above the law, it is the cops who step in to defend God’s order. Their very presence reminds us of a higher law…they are symbols of order and stability.

These medals are so useful in encouraging the police, that I am offering you a bulk discount price to get as many medals as you need for your local police officers.

You can give them at your rally, or have them on hand in case you happen to cross paths with them.

This is the support that our police need, and it takes the rallies one step further by giving a “Thank you” that law enforcement can carry with them as they daily put their lives on the line.

Give the police something they can remember:
order a Saint Michael medal for their protection

I wish you success for your rally.

May God and Saint Michael protect you and our police.

I remain,


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John Horvat II

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