Novena to St. Joan of Arc —

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Novena to Saint Joan of Arc

Dear St. Joan of Arc, Virgin-Warrior, who died a martyr’s death at the stake for fidelity to the Heavenly voices which guided you in your great and glorious mission for God and country, guide us in battling against all our enemies in God’s holy service, by that voice which God directed you through His elect!

Through your great purity, heroism and faith, teach us to be pure, heroic and faithful to God and our neighbor!

Direct the rulers of our country as you were directed by those voices from on High. Before their unjust judges and at the bar of their accusers, protect and enlighten them so as to put all their adversaries to shame!

Quicken our minds to enable us to penetrate the pitfalls and snares set to entrap us in any unholy motives!

Dear St. Joan of Arc, who in times of great trials entrusted all to God, may your example increase our confidence in the unbounded goodness of our Divine Savior, Jesus Christ, that we may remain unshaken when dangers threaten us in our duty to God and country!

St. Joan of Arc, pray that in innocence, purity and heroism, we may in all temptations and trials remain to the end a devout child of God. Amen!

St. Joan of Arc, preserver of the Faith to thy country, pray for us!
St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be.

(Novena from May 22 to May 30)


CLICK HERE to download a PDF file of this Novena
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