Prince of Peace Raffle Confirmation

Thank you for joining the Prince of Peace Christmas Raffle. We will announce the winner on November 30, and email the results to him or her. The winner’s name will be posted. So please check your email.

Our confusing days truly need the peace that only comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Law.

Yet our society rushes towards the devil’s empty promises of socialism and anarchy.

The only solution is a national return to God, to our Christian roots.

My book Return to Order outlines this solution.

This work is so important in our confused and polarized world that I am offering you a copy ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE (FREE shipping and handling):

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Return to Order explains how America is at a moral crossroads. Either we are a great and God-centered nation, or we sink irreparably into secularism and socialism.

Return to Order also answers questions and uncertainties, such as the role of government, the use and need of laws, money and cut-throat economics, and the bond between Church and State.

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I hope you find this helpful.

I remain,

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John Horvat II

Return to Order

Rules and Regulations for Prince of Peace Raffle

By signing up for the Prince of Peace raffle, the user allows Return to Order to send email reports to the email provided, and is automatically subscribed to the Return to Order newsletter; the user may unsubscribe at any time. One winner will be announced for the raffle each month. Limit one entry per person. Items will only ship in the 50 United States. Prince of Peace statue with pillow may not look exactly as pictured. Items will be shipped as soon as possible; the address of the winner will be requested by email after his name is drawn; another drawing for a new name will result if the winner provides an address outside the United States, fails to provide a working email address, or fails to respond to requests for an address within a week. Failure to respond or miscommunication may result in late shipment. We are not responsible for any damages for items in/after shipment, nor for mis-shipment of the items, nor for any damage or injury resulting from use of the items, nor for users dis-satisfaction with the items. No purchase necessary. Items cannot be returned or exchanged to Return to Order for other goods. Raffle will officially close on November 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM, EST; all names entered after such date will be excluded from the drawing. Matters concerning the drawing, eligibility entries, and announcing of the winner are at the sole discretion of Return to Order

Last updated: 10/01/20