Return to Order: From A Frenzied Economy to An Organic Christian Society — Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go – Hard Cover

Americans are rightly concerned when they see their country with multi-trillion dollar debt, polarization and paralysis in politics, breakdown in community and family, and the erosion of basic morality.

In the ground-breaking book Return to Order, John Horvat II explains the root cause of our shaken economic order is a moral and psychological problem that manifests itself in the economy. Backed by twenty years of research, Mr. Horvat offers an inspiring and hopeful path to reverse our crisis and offer solutions to our problems.

Return to Order speaks to the noble yearnings of the American soul in describing how we can:

  • Become a nation of heroes
  • Return money to its proper place
  • Reject the false solutions of socialism and consumerism
  • Revive the spirit of family
  • Restore the missing human element
  • Reform the human soul
  • Truly understand and follow God’s plan for America
  • And much more

Return to Order makes a compelling case for a return to timeless principles of Christian civilization that are so wonderfully adapted to our human nature, and shows how such principles produce an organic socio-economic order that is full of exuberant vitality and refreshing spontaneity.

One of the most anticipated books in many years, Return to Order will be hotly debated and discussed for years to come. Do not miss an opportunity to Join the Conversation!

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